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For the past two weeks, we've been bombarded with announcements for #Logan, Hugh Jackman's last film before he closes out a 20-year character arc portraying the iconic renegade from Marvel Comics, James Howlett, otherwise known as the #Wolverine.

After last week's title reveal of Logan, along with the confirmation of Boyd Holbrook portraying Donald Pierce in the film, we didn't expect anything new to be revealed for quite some time, but in a new report by TheWrap, we learn of two key plot details which seem to be substantiated by some of the promotional images released for Logan so far.

The Mutant Caliban Will Reportedly Join Wolverine And Professor X

According to TheWrap, Logan will take place in the year 2024, 10 years after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Along with the era being known, we also learn that actor Stephen Merchant will play the mutant Caliban, who is now a caretaker to a withered Professor X.

Updated (10/17/16): Along with a newly revealed Instagram post by Stephen Merchant, Fox just released this promotional image of Merchant in costume. Apparently Stephen Merchant is now confirmed to be in the role of Caliban for Logan. There was an iteration of Caliban present in X-Men: Apocalypse, played by Tomas LeMarquis but he was not recruited for the role this time around. Merchant will now portray the mutant Caliban.

Despite an official announcement of Merchant's role as Caliban being made, there was still no explanation as to why Caliban is caring for Professor X in Logan. However, Caliban's duties to Professor X could be explained by the absence of the X-Men during the film. It appears as though the X-Men are not present in the year 2024, which means some event will find them removed from the setting of Logan.

With there being no indication of the X-Men being present in the year 2024, it's possible they will only be referenced as being given off-screen deaths — but the X-Men aren't the only mutants who could appear in Logan. The newest mutant to become a cohort of Professor X's is Caliban and he has a whole slew of mutant friends he could be bringing along with him.

Will The Morlocks Be Inducted Into The X-Men Cinematic Universe?

Caliban could be bringing his own band of mutants along with him, the Morlocks. In Marvel Comics, Caliban has very close ties to this mutant group. The Morlocks are part of an underground society of mutants that exists within the fringes of human society. Several of the Morlocks have joined the X-Men in battles across Marvel's comics, and there have been several incarnations of the mutant group since its conception.

The potential for an iteration of the Morlocks to appear in Logan is also very high considering that Caliban is expected to appear. Along with the recent announcement of Boyd Holbrook portraying Donald Pierce, all the signs are pointing to Wolverine seeking out the help of the Morlocks to combat Donald Pierce.

Wolverine Will Have To Count On Untested Allies If He Wants To Survive

Recent rumors have suggested that Pierce will be joined by the cyborgs, the Reavers. And the Reavers are going to be more of a dominating force than Wolverine can take on by himself in his current state, so he's going to have to count on the assistance of some mutant comrades. But without the X-Men, Wolverine may have to look for help from the only group of mutants who "could" still be living: the Morlocks.

It does look like Wolverine will receive some help from another young mutant by the name of Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23, but she's not who we should be looking at when determining which mutants could assist Wolverine in his battle against Donald Pierce (and the Reavers). That role falls to the Morlocks.

Not only would the Morlocks be ideal compatriots for Wolverine to count on in a fight against Donald Pierce and the Reavers, the Morlocks could also appear due to the potential connection they share with Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mister Sinister.

Are Mister Sinister And The Marauders Joining The Ranks Of 'Logan' Too?

Since the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse teased the Essex Corporation with a labeled briefcase, fans have been waiting to see the first appearance of Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mister Sinister. There's been no word of Mister Sinister having a role in Logan, despite James Mangold being asked about the topic by several interviewers and giving no headway in either direction. Nothing can be said as of now, but Mangold's silence is obviously intended to keep the news of Mister Sinister quiet until the appropriate announcement is made.

But considering that the information revealed by The Wrap is reliable, Mister Sinister might have a part to play in Logan due to the affiliation he shares with Caliban and the Morlocks in Marvel comics.

In Marvel comics, the Morlocks were founded by Callisto, who later recruited Caliban to do most of the work. (Callisto appeared briefly in X-Men: The Last Stand, but that timeline has been wiped out.) Caliban was tasked with seeking out mutant outcasts and recruiting them into Callisto's underground society. It seemed to work for Callisto and Caliban until the Mutant Massacre, during which the Morlocks were targeted by another group of mutants, the Marauders.

The Marauders were formed by Mister Sinister, who recruited several well-known X-Men villains to be part of his mercenary group of mutants in the hopes of eliminating any unfit bearers of the mutant gene, which consisted of eradicating the Morlock sect of mutants. Since the Morlocks were depicted as a lower class of mutant than most, Mister Sinister targeted them directly. Eventually, the conflict came to a close when the X-Men got involved and stopped Sinister's band of Marauders — arriving too late, as the Marauders took the lives of several Morlocks and various other mutants.

The Marauders attack the Morlocks in Morlock Massacre.
The Marauders attack the Morlocks in Morlock Massacre.

Beyond the comic connection shared between Mister Sinister and the Morlocks, it's very possible for Mister Sinister and his band of Marauders to make an appearance in Logan as well. At the same time, Caliban's introduction in Logan could be opening up an area of the Marvel/X-Men universe filled with characters that have untapped potential, a part of the X-Men universe that'll be touched upon in future films.

Logan premieres March 3, 2017.

What do you think of Caliban joining Wolverine in Logan? Is it leading up to a showdown with the Reavers or the Marauders? And could Mister Sinister show up at some point as well? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.