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Now, with 's edging ever closer to hitting the big screen at the beginning of March, it's no real surprise that the movie's marketing machine is kicking into overdrive. After all, while the geek-tastic side of the interweb is already keenly anticipating the return of 's , there are still billions of potential audience members out there who're likely still a little fuzzy on precisely what this Logan thing they keep hearing about is, and why they should give a damn.

As a result of which, we all look set to enjoy shiny new promotional releases pretty much every day until Logan hits theaters. The latest such offering?

'Logan' Director James Mangold Just Teased An Alternate Look At His Lead Actors

Which, since is a rather neat photographer, in addition to being a talented director, is absolutely a good thing. Not least because it gives us another look at Old Man Logan himself (above), along with Old Man Xavier...

... and, of course, the soon-to-debut Young Woman X-23:

Which, collectively, adds up to an extremely new — if, admittedly, fairly un-revelatory — look at Logan's central trio of heroes. There'll surely be more content-driven glimpses over the next few days (with a new trailer expected any time now), but in the meantime, that's certainly something!

What do you think, though? Can you bear the wait for Logan's arrival any longer? Let us know below!


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