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Today, Logan releases in theaters nationwide for all movie fans over the age of 17 to enjoy. I was fortunate enough to see the movie last night and I was blown away at what a realistic, gory film this was. Logan is already one of my favorite Marvel movies and easily the best movie in the universe.

Also, this was the perfect ending to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's 17-year run. This film was beautiful and there's not much I would change, and it appears that director James Mangold feels the same way.

'Logan' Director Says The Movie's Theatrical Cut Is Already The Director's Cut

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

On Twitter, Mangold expressed his gratitude for Fox letting him have the amount of creative freedom he was granted. Fox didn't make this movie to squeeze one extra dollar out of Hugh Jackman, but this was clearly a passion project. Jackman took a huge pay cut to star in this movie, the producers (and fans) campaigned for an R-rating, and a lot of unusual things happened that most studios would be cautious about.

Fox was a culprit of interfering with Fantastic Four when they completely trashed the movie by cutting out scenes, removing huge set pieces, and taking away a big portion of the budget. However, it looks like they have learned their lesson and let James Mangold go bananas with Logan to the point where he had no regrets. A fan asked Mangold on Twitter whether or not Logan will receive a director's cut like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and even The Wolverine did — and Mangold gave the perfect response:

While it may have been nice to see more scenes in Logan, the film is pretty perfect as it is (also, the movie is very long already). This confirms that Mangold is perfectly content with the final product we all have seen in theaters this weekend and we won't be seeing any other version of the movie —besides the rumored black and white version. Of course, giving directors too much power isn't always healthy, but the most recent passion projects show that studios have a little more faith in the director they choose to helm their movie.

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This brings up an interesting concept: If a movie needs a director's cut, it most likely means the final product is flawed and there could be improvements. Logan doesn't need a director's cut because the theatrical cut is exactly what the director envisioned for his movie. Batman v Superman was an entertaining but very flawed movie and the director's cut really elevated it — but Logan doesn't need to redeem itself at all!

What did YOU guys think of Logan? Do you think the film should receive a director's cut? Sound off below!


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