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When the Logan trailer was first released, we were all surprised to see the grizzled mutant flipping through the pages of actual comics. Beady eyed fans and movie reporters alike started analyzing these panels, quickly deducing that — thanks to discrepancies like Storm's haircut, an advanced art style, and a difference in cover art — these Uncanny X-Men comics were created specifically for the film.

Director James Mangold confirmed this, explaining that the comics are part of this fictional reality. Now that Logan has been released, we know that the X-Men became a very popular team that merited the production of their own merchandise, including the comic books that Laura Kinney loves so much.

Now, artist Dan Panosian has released more of the interior pages online, allowing fans to see more of the fictionalized version of the lives of these fictional heroes. And although warns Laura that only about 25% of these comics are true — the rest is "bullshit" — of course we're eager to see anything that offers clues as to what happened to the before that horrific accident.

These pages seem to be part of a fairly low-key plot concerning Kitty Pryde's parents paying her a visit at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]
[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]

Despite the fact that the situation between mutants and humans isn't quite as tense as in the first trilogy of movies, it seems that there's still some prejudice inherent in society — and Kitty's parents aren't the most accepting of people.

[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]
[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]

Worried that her parents will disapprove of the mutant school, Kitty tells everyone to act normally. But — as points out — her parents know she's a mutant and that's why they sent her to the school in the first place.

[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]
[Credit: Dan Panosian / Fox]

It's a cute little story, one which shows the everyday lives of the characters we know and love. Hopefully, someday will release this in its entirety, so that we can catch more than a glimpse of what happened to the X-Men after Apocalypse — possibly dropping clues for upcoming movies like X-Men: Supernova and New Mutants.


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