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Marking the end of an era, Logan left us with plenty of unanswered questions, thanks to its futuristic setting and open ending. For most franchise movies, this would mean that the filmmakers were purposefully setting up endless sequels and spinoffs, building the wider narrative that both the and Fox's franchise employ.

However, from the start we knew that Logan was different. Shying away from big-budget battles and CGI sequences, is a grounded tale that draws more from Westerns than superhero movies.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that so far Logan has defied the now common tropes of superhero movies, leaving its position in the X-Men timeline ambiguous, and deliberately not including a post-credits scene. It already seemed highly likely that Logan's ending wasn't left open just to set up a sequel — as awesome as that would be — and director Jame Mangold has now stepped in to explain why he left loose ends hanging at the end of 's last stand.

"I think we watch movies too literally. I think we want answers, contractual answers. Life never gives us these answers, and I think that — people could ask questions about what happened to the X-Men or why do this or why."

Critiquing the current fan culture that requires every filmmaker to explain their plot points, Mangold's answer reveals one of the weaknesses of film franchises.

Logan cares for an aging and ailing Charles Xavier. [Credit: Fox]
Logan cares for an aging and ailing Charles Xavier. [Credit: Fox]

Thanks in a large part to the MCU's method of setting up limitless sequels, we've come to expect every movie to drop hints about something that will come up later. This has lead fans to go on endless Easter Egg hunts, trying to predict what will happen next. But as Mangold points out, this isn't even true to the source material.

"The comic books never answered every question. Somehow the movies are expected to. When you do, and there are many movies that try to answer every question, you end up with these endless scenes with people explaining stuff, ad infinitum. It may satisfy some people, but in life, I hardly understand what’s going on one moment to the next. I like movies where there are mysteries."

It is rather refreshing to let Logan transport us to a future we don't quite understand, with much of the worldbuilding in the background or mentioned in a throwaway comment.

Laura has the potential for many sequels. [Credit: Fox]
Laura has the potential for many sequels. [Credit: Fox]

This allows the story to focus on the characters where they are at this point in time, without obsessing over what came before and what might develop as a result of this movie. We are totally immersed in Logan's struggle, and that's exactly what this character deserves. Hopefully, after the success of this film we'll see a rise in more mysterious and grounded superhero movies — but for now it's nice to enjoy Logan for what is, rather than what it could be setting up.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Logan should have had a post-credits sequence?

Laura escapes with the other Weapon X kids. [Credit: Fox]
Laura escapes with the other Weapon X kids. [Credit: Fox]



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