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What springs to mind when you think of the ? Before ridiculous suits and the bald head of Charles Xavier, before time travel and cloning and Jean Grey's many resurrections, one thing is synonymous with mutantkind: .

For those of who grew up with Bryan Singer's movies in particular, the clawed mutant weapon simply is the X-Men — and next year, we'll have to say goodbye. The upcoming movie isn't just the third and final instalment in the loose Wolverine "trilogy", is also Hugh Jackman's final outing as the tormented product of Weapon X. It's going to be big, emotional, and probably very good indeed.

This is your all-inclusive guide to everything we know about Logan, from the latest news, rumors and fan theories to trailers, TV spots, Easter Eggs and release dates. Each news update will be posted immediately below.

'Logan' News & Rumors

Updated 02/21/17: Logan has a confirmed post-credits scene!

We just got confirmation that Logan does indeed have a post-credits scene, which didn't air when the movie was screened for critics last week. Click below to find out what the post-credits scene might involve...

Previously... watch the brilliant new Logan trailer:

A new Logan trailer just dropped. Check it out below.

The wponx Instagram account continues to tease Wolverine's antics in Logan in a series of classy black and white images. The latest shows Logan, claws out, in the garden of a suburban home, stood over the body of whichever fool tried to start something with him. Logan may be weakened, but there's fight in this old dog yet.

'Logan' Trailers

Both Logan trailers immediately establish the bleak tone of this world, a near-future Southern wasteland which finds Logan in self-imposed exile, caring for an elderly Professor X. Tonally, this looks like a Western as much as a superhero movie, and there are hints of Mad Max: Fury Road in some of the action sequences. Basically, it looks badass.

Check out the newer trailer in the news section above.

'Logan' Plot & Story Details

Rumors going back a year or two suggested that Wolverine 3 would adapt the seminal Old Man Logan comic arc, and what we know of the Logan plot seems to suggest the movie is pretty faithful to the source material.

In the year 2029, Wolverine is broken. He drinks too much, takes longer to heal sometimes doesn't heal at all. For reasons unknown, mutant births have fallen off a cliff, and a secretive organization known as Transigen is turning young mutants into machines, not unlike how Wolverine himself was weaponized. While nursing an elderly Professor X, Logan vows to protect a young girl named Laura who finds herself hunted by the sinister forces behind Transigen.

If that sounds dark, well, it is. Expect this to be a noir-ish comic book movie without much in the way of traditional superheroics. For that reason alone, Logan could and should be the best Wolverine movie to date.

'Logan' Cast & Characters

Don't go thinking that just because this is Wolverine's last stand, a bunch of X-Men are going to show up in Logan. The cast is pretty small, which is probably a good thing if recent superhero epics like Batman v Superman are anything to go by. Here's what we know Logan cast and their characters:

  • Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine, obviously, for the final time. His age is beginning to catch up with him, impairing his ability to heal after a fight — but his spirit isn't broken.
  • Patrick Stewart reprises his role as the elder Professor Charles Xavier, also for the final time. Professor X is "a shadow of his former self", requiring round-the-clock care from Logan.
  • Boyd Holbrook plays the antagonist Donald Pierce, Transigen's Head of Security, the man deployed to recapture a young female mutant and the leader of the Reavers, a mutant-hunting cyborg army.

  • Richard E. Grant was rumored to play Mister Sinister, but officially he's Zander Rice, the scientific brains behind the mysterious Transigen project.
  • Stephen Merchant plays the elderly Caliban, whom we also met in X-Men: Apocalypse (played there by Tómas Lemarquis). This Caliban appears to be more of a good guy, using his web of intel to help Wolverine.
  • Dafne Keen is an English-Spanish actress enjoying her first film role as Laura, a young mutant in need of Logan's protection. Laura is also known as X-23, who'll be very familiar to Wolverine fans.

'Logan' Release Date & Rating

Judging by the existence of a red band trailer, rumors of Logan being rated R for violence were on the mark. Post-Deadpool, rated R superhero films could be something we see more of, especially if Logan performs well.

Logan's release date in the US is March 3, 2017, and it looks like it'll be the only movie in the X-Men universe next year (Deadpool 2 arrives January 2018). Basically, you can't afford to miss this one.

Where Can I Watch 'Logan' Online?

As usual, you won't be able to watch Logan online until the digital release, which should be timed for around July of next year, with the Blu-ray and DVD following a month or so later.

Will the final Wolverine movie also be the best instalment in the X-Men Universe in years — and once Logan's gone, what (or who) is next?


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