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It's highly likely that while sitting through Hugh Jackman's last X-Men outing you were mainly feeling a combination of three things; firstly, this is Hugh Jackman's last X-Men outing and I'm trying really hard not to weep about it. Secondly, omfg, so violent — this is SAVAGE. And lastly, how are these mutant kids so unbelievably talented?!

It's true that of all the mental scenes had to offer, those in which Laura a.k.a X-23, played by Dafne Keen, held our attention the most. This girl is the definition of badass — she's been out of the womb for a second and already (quite literally) making heads roll — but I suppose that's to be expected when you're genetically linked to the X-Men's sickest antihero, .

And Laura's posy of mutant pals are pretty amazing, too. Granted, they didn't get as much screen time as the aforementioned butt-kicking 11-year-old, but after taking a look through these behind-the-scenes pics and vids I think you'll agree that they're just as awesome. Someone give these guys a spin-off movie, stat!

Check Out This Mutant Squad:

Aren't They Adorable?!

It's Almost Too Much

And They're All Super Stoked To Be Part Of 'Logan'

TBH, Who Wouldn't Be?

See also:

But They're Not Just Your Average Cute Kids

They Are Hard AF

You Would Not Mess With Her:

Or Her:

Or Him:

Or Any Of Them, Actually:

Just LOOK At Those Moves:

I Would Break My Actual Neck Just Attempting This Simple Trick:

Mutant Kids FTW!

Would you love to be a Logan Mutant Kid?


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