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Logan was everything we could have hoped for as the end to Wolverine's journey. The film offered a satisfying story, a gritty tone, bone-crunching action and a whole lot of heart. It was a superhero film filtered through the structure and tone of a classic Western.

Prior to Logan's release, Fox promoted the movie with a series of black-and-white images. These suggested the film's tone, but that marketing approach created something else. Fans grew interested in a black-and-white version of Logan, and they were vocal about it.

Fortunately, Fox listened, announcing in April as part of the home video release. For anyone eager to get a taste of black and white Wolverine, the wait is over as Logan, both the color and black and white versions, have been released on Digital HD. shared the official trailer for Logan Noir on Twitter, check it out:

The tweet revealed the Noir version will also be available in 4K come May 23. But something popped into my head while watching the trailer, and it's worth exploring.

Does The Noir Version Add Anything To Logan?

Short answer: Judging only by the trailer, yes. I must say, in the beginning I didn't really understand the excitement behind this version, but there was something intriguing in people's desire to see it. Black and white wouldn't add anything to the storyline or characters; it was ultimately an aesthetic change. Fans, however, were excited about the potential to heighten the classic Western feel James Mangold was after.

Actually seeing footage changed my perspective on it. Yes, the story remains the same, but the lack of color makes sense. It ties into the bleakness of the character and his impending doom, adding another layer to the themes of despair and loneliness the film already explored in depth.

If you want to judge for yourself whether the black-and-white version adds more power to the film's already savage punch to the feels, Logan is out on Digital HD right now and will be released on Blu-ray, 4K and DVD on May 23, 2017.


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