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Logan is about to hit theaters, and the film will see Hugh Jackman put on the claws one last time in his “final” portrayal as the Wolverine. The hype surrounding this movie is very real, and it is receiving nothing but praise from fans and critics alike. Logan is loosely based on the gruesome comic book series Old Man Logan, and it looks to borrow the grit and gore from the source material – and then some.

Deadpool was the first X-Men film to carry the R-rating, and its success opened the door for Logan to follow in its footsteps. With Wolverine making the transition from PG-13 to R, it is possible that some people may not be aware of the level of adult content in . To keep our children as pure as the driven snow, The Alamo Drafthouse has done their civic duty and warned parents about the adult content in Logan.

Logan PSA: "Not Your Typical Superhero Film"

The Alamo Drafthouse is a chain of theaters that strives to enhance the theater going experience with drinks and special events – including the wildly popular the Nic Cage-based movie marathon named “C4GED 4-EVER”. The theater chain is also pretty proactive when it comes to letting parents know when a film might not be "child- friendly".

The Alamo Drafthouse released an official PSA on their Twitter page to warn parents of the content in Logan and it reads as follows:

"Attention Parents: Important Info About Logan, Please note that Logan isn't your typical superhero movie. This film is RATED R for extreme and brutal violence. Given the disturbing content, we do NOT recommend that children see Logan."

Confusion Surrounding R-Rated Superhero Films

Logan [Credit: 20th Century FOX]
Logan [Credit: 20th Century FOX]

My first reaction to seeing this PSA was, "no shit Logan is violent, it's rated R", but that's not a fair judgement. A lot of people still correlate superhero properties with children. To be fair, there are a lot of children’s superhero TV shows, movies, and a butt-load of toys. It’s easy to see that if you are not plugged into the entertainment news-sphere, you could easily think that Logan is more like the other X-Men films, and not super brutal and violent.

If parents judged the content of Logan off the regular green-band trailer, it resembles the same amount of violence in other PG-13 X-Men films – which might be suitable for some children. Of course, if they watched the red-band trailer for Logan, they would see Wolverine shoving his claws all the way through a guy’s skull — but some parents who are only casual cinephiles may have missed the red-band content entirely.

Want to read more about Logan? Check out:

The Logan PSA helps educate parents so that we don't have another situation like there was with Deadpool – which was an even bigger headache for parents. Because of the character’s costume and sense of humor, you could easily mistake it for a child’s film. Parents brought their kids to Deadpool, and were naturally consumed in a white-hot parental rage.

Deadpool never released an official PSA; however, Ryan Reynolds himself urged parents that Deadpool was in no way a children's film. Theaters like The Alamo Drafthouse learned from Deadpool that they need to err on the side of caution when it comes to educating people about R-rated superhero films like Logan.

Logan [Credit: 20th Century FOX]
Logan [Credit: 20th Century FOX]

Some people are still going to accidentally take their children to see Logan, and then take to social media to express their outrage, regardless of all the warnings and R-rating. Until R-rated superhero films become more prevalent, theaters and companies must continue to educate parents on what the R-rating represents. You can catch the extremely violent and brutal Logan in theaters on March 3, 2017.


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