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Raise your adamantium claws to the sky because Logan has officially been given an R-rating and is finally free to unleash the beast in what will inevitable be an ultra-violent swan song.

In a tweet from his official account, director James Mangold finally announced that would indeed be tearing himself a darker path in the upcoming movie:

Of course, this won't come as any surprise to fans because rumors of an R-rating have been swirling round for weeks. Not to mention the fact that the claws-through-the-head moment in the trailers definitely wasn't intended for bambinos.

If you need a reminder, check out the dustbowl of discontent that is 's world in the trailer below:

Of course, violence for violences sake rarely makes a great movie, but to do the 'Old Man Logan' comic book storyline justice, it is almost essential to include some grisly moments to hammer home the severity of the 2029 world.

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A moment I'm personally hoping to see is the slaughter of the X-Men portrayed in some way — a scene I consider essential to explain Logan's current condition. Although the idea of this moment appear in flashbacks is, admittedly, unlikely, it would require Mangold to to use R-rated gore. To me, this is the only way to have the desired affect and convey the visceral horror that changed Logan's entire worldview.

Wolverine realizes the magnitude of what he's done [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Wolverine realizes the magnitude of what he's done [Credit: Marvel Comics]

However, there are some R-rated moments in the comics that we will never see on screen thanks to those pesky character usage rights, but for the essence of the comic to be conveyed, there should be something blood thirsty enough to match them.

One such moment is, of course, when Wolverine claws his regenerated bad self out of The Hulk's stomach and literally escapes from the belly of the beast.

From the belly of the beast [Credit: Marvel]
From the belly of the beast [Credit: Marvel]

I'm not suggesting a direct rip off of this scene with another character to replace Hulk, rather something equally as harrowing to show that Logan's desire to survive and fight until the bitter end remains unstoppable.

Why do you think an R-rated Logan is essential?


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