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Spoilers for Logan follow.

Logan is the definitive film that we all needed to reestablish the comic book genre; it is one of the best films of the year, and the best superhero movie since . Director James Mangold has set the bar very high, proving that spectacle isn't needed to tell a perfect story.

Serving as and ’s last outing as surrogate father and son, Logan is not only a somber story about the aging mutants, but the end of an era. There were so many great moments in Logan — the action was bloody wonderful, the emotion was heavy – and for Wolverine’s last outing, it was also quite funny. But one scene in particular stuck out for me.

Why Professor X's Death Truly Mattered

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Even with so many films in the franchise, Logan carries the most powerful moment in the X-Men film saga: Logan’s late arrival to X-24's attack on Charles. The franchise always focused on the relationship between Logan and Charles, yet Logan missed hearing Charles' heartfelt confession before his death.

Believing that Logan was in the same room with him, Charles spills his heart out about how he doesn’t deserve the best night he’s had in years. As Charles is about to share his tragic story about what happened to the X-Men, X-24 stabs Charles in the chest.

The heartbreaking thing about it is that Logan never got to hear these words, and it was something that he needed in a time of decay. Logan and Charles needed to bond for one last time, and it was taken from them.

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Logan, Charles And the Cycle of Hope

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

The scene takes us all back to the first X-Men – Logan was a lost man who finds a father figure in Charles, and a family of people like him. Logan was given hope, and whenever he lost it, Charles would pick him back up.

Logan and Charles would go back and forth, carrying hope for one another. From The Last Stand to Days of Future Past, Charles serves as the light to Logan, guiding him to peace; Logan serves as Charles' answer to his uplifting vision.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

That cycle was lost, in the end, because Logan wasn't there (and because Charles could no longer tell the difference).

Logan needed to hear Charles' confession so he could forgive the professor for what has happened to their lives; Logan needed to see Charles for what he used to be one last time. But those words will never be heard.

Despite this, Charles' death served as a passing of the torch to Logan. Charles has always been a symbol of hope, and now Logan must be that symbol for Laura. With Logan at his lowest point in life, carrying hope on his shoulders seems impossible.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Charles has always given Logan hope, but Logan has never carried it on his own. And now he must figure it out. Yes, in Days of Future Past, Logan needed to make a young Charles believe in his own dream again — but we all know that it was Charles himself who ultimately helped his younger self rediscover hope.

In Logan, there is no guidance for Wolverine. He is all on his own. Logan is the film that shows him becoming the light instead of merely the illuminated.

Logan And Laura: The New Cycle Of Hope

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

The ending of Logan is Wolverine carrying Charles' legacy onto the next generation. Upon his death, Logan gives hope to Laura and her friends. The film closes on Logan’s grave, his life ending as Laura's truly starts, cementing the fact that death is only the beginning if your life impacts others.

It is now Laura’s turn to carry the weight on her shoulders, even if she's too young to understand it all yet. (And judging from her badassery, she will be okay.)

Logan is about pain and hope. The relationship between Charles and Logan has always been the highlight of the X-Men franchise, and seeing it literally cut was a major blow, but the introduction of Laura was perfect. Not only did the film reveal her origin, but it made her the new symbol of hope for the future of mutants. Laura will carry on the legacy. Logan and Charles may rest in peace, but now they will always be remembered.

What moment in Logan was most important to you?


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