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This article doesn't spoil who lives and who dies in Logan, but it does talk about how the film's ending leads into a future movie. If you'd rather go in spoiler-free, look away now.

So, has a post-credits scene, as is in vogue for the superhero genre these days. Having seen the movie last week, that comes as a surprise — all screenings for critics and audiences at Berlinale film fest aired without a post-credits scene, and the Wolverine's final, hard R-rated adventure really doesn't need one.

The contents of the scene remain a mystery, but it's possible to make an educated guess about who or what we might see in the post-credits tease when Logan hits theaters — bear in mind, again, that there are minor spoilers ahead.

During the film's final act (an incredible half-hour of tense action which feels far more comic book-y than Logan's first 90 minutes), a band of young mutants on the run from the villainous, military-sponsored organization Transigen disappears into the wilderness, having crossed the border from North Dakota into Canada. Aged roughly 10 to 14, the kids are alone, but have the powers necessary to defend themselves.

That's the most obvious event a post-credits scene could follow on from, and it's inside the realm of probability that Fox might use the scene in question to connect Logan back to one of their upcoming movies — namely Apocalypse sequel X-Men: Supernova, spin-off X-Men: New Mutants or Deadpool 2. The other rumored movie on the horizon, X-Force, is further away, so let's disregard that one for now.

Assuming it does all connect, though, the X-movies' notoriously confusing timeline, which is about to get even more intricate, becomes a problem. Hugh Jackman has said that Logan exists inside "a slightly different universe, a different paradigm," meaning it doesn't share continuity with Days Of Future Past or Apocalypse — so in theory, it's impossible for any post-credits scene to connect back to Supernova, because that movie will live inside the same continuity as Apocalypse.

Here's a likelier solution: New Mutants exists as part of the Logan universe/timeline, rather than alongside Supernova and the main X-Men saga. Therefore the post-credits might involve one or several of the young mutants being discovered by a time-travelling mutant (we all know that Cable is coming to Deadpool 2) and being transported back to whichever time period New Mutants will be set in and recruited to join the team. So far, nobody knows when it's officially set, but James McAvoy's younger Professor X is confirmed, so it's likely to be late 20th century.

Alternatively, New Mutants could be set far in the future, meaning the post-credits scene could be a "5 years later..." epilogue, in which the young mutants have formed a team to protect themselves and the world from dangerous forces like Transigen. That would require director Josh Boone to majorly over-complicate matters by time-travelling Charles into the future, though, which seems unlikely.

It could also be that the post-credits scene is something totally isolated from the wider X-Men universe, perhaps setting up a Logan sequel starring the young mutants, lead by Rictor (Jason Genao), which lives only inside the Logan timeline and doesn't tie in with New Mutants in any way whatsoever. And that sequel might be called — wait for it — X-Force. Rictor is the leader of the X-Force team in the comics, after all...

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'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

Fox keeping quiet about the X-Force movie could be a deliberate strategy, and in theory an announcement could come not long after Logan hits theaters — right now, I'd say that was the strongest of all the theories here.

We'll know soon enough. Logan hits theaters March 3, armed with a post-credits scene guaranteed to have people like me going back for seconds.

Do you think Logan's post-credits scene could set up an X-Force movie?

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

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