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Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman played the titular role of Logan for the last time, and fans the world over were in mourning. Jackman played the role for 17 years, starting with the first film in 2000, and made appearances in every X-related film after (Jackman's picture was in Deadpool — it counts).

Every generation has "their" version of a particular hero. For some, Christopher Reeve will always be Superman. Even though Gal Gadot is winning praise for Wonder Woman, there are still fans who only recognize Lynda Carter for the role. Batman has the distinction of have three actors claiming the "best ever" title in Adam West, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale.

How do you replace such an iconic portrayal of one of the most famous comic characters to ever grace that page and screen? That is the question the producers at are faced with — and they have answered it (for now).

Jackman Will Not Be Immediately Replaced

In an interview with ScreenRant, Hutch Parker was directly asked if there were plans to recast the role, to which he replied:

“I think for the moment our focus really is on other characters. I think there’s a part for all of us that feels like Logan, as played by Hugh, is the definitive performance of that character. And I think we’re all a little hesitant at the idea of rebooting it in any way,”

Focusing on other properties seems to be the smart thing to do. The studio has several television and movie properties on the slate. The Gifted recently released its official trailer, and some casting announcements have been made featuring the . Fans should take comfort in that the studio is putting a hold on as it is one of the few times a production company is taking something we love and treating it with the respect it deserves.

Recasting the role is unavoidable. The character has endured for decades and, unlike the actors that portray them, characters are timeless. Just ask James Bond, who Jackman's acting classmates figured him to be a shoe-in to play. Focusing on expanding the universe is a neat way to ensure that when Logan does make his triumphant return, he'll have a healthy toy box to play in and (hopefully) enough material to work with.

With a film that garnered critical and commercial success, and the studio have given Wolverine a proper send off with . Here's hoping they take the same care and respect in selecting the next generation.

What do you think of the studios decision to let Wolverine rest? Sound off in the comments below!

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