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It's hard to deny the brilliance of James Mangold's Logan. The Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart-helmed film has been a critics' darling from its release back in March so it's no real surprise that Logan is being sent to the Academy for consideration for the . The X-Men film revolved around an older, battle-hardened Logan struggling to survive in a world where mutants are extinct, left to care for a mutant just like him. Logan was easily a standout film with its excellent storyline, masterful direction, and gripping performance. The movie was also tinged with poignancy, as it marked the end for actors Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman's respective takes on their characters.

Will 'Logan' Land An Oscar Nomination?

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox was the first to send out their 'For Your Consideration' screener for the film to the Academy. The studio will also send out the Meryl Streep-Steven Spielberg film The Post, the Tom Hanks-led The Mountain Between Us, Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, along with Get Out and War for the Planet of the Apes. Another possibility for Oscar consideration is Hugh Jackman's December family flick , meaning that if the upcoming movie receives rave reviews, Jackman could get two shots at making this year's Oscars nomination list.

Surprisingly, Logan isn't the only superhero movie with a shot at an Oscar nomination. Facing off against Logan is this year's highly successful Wonder Woman. The Patty Jenkins-directed DC movie became the highest grossing superhero origin movie ever, and is credited with breaking the glass ceiling with regards to female directors and female protagonists. Moreover, the film also struck a chord with fans who felt like the movie was the perfect film in the current political climate.

has none of this going for it, and yet the R-rated movie may have a greater chance of securing nods at the Oscars than Wonder Woman. For starters, Hugh Jackman is already an Academy approved actor with his 2009 role in Les Misérables earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Patrick Stewart, too, has been nominated for a Grammy, along with several Emmys and Golden Globes, which makes him getting an Oscar nod likely as well. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deserve to be recognized for their brilliant performances, with Stewart in particular being truly exceptional in Logan.

Props also need to be given to director James Mangold whose grounded, Southern and raw spin made this the best Marvel Comics movie, and probably one of the best superhero movies ever made. The film was not only the ultimate send off to both Wolverine but also to the veteran actors, particularly who has been playing Wolverine for the last two decades in nine movies. To my mind, the film deserves a place in the Best Picture category, as its unique spin on the superhero movie genre makes this emotionally charged film an unforgettable one.

Jackman and Stewart gave stellar performances in 'Logan'. [Credit: Fox]
Jackman and Stewart gave stellar performances in 'Logan'. [Credit: Fox]

Sadly there are two things that are standing in the way of Logan getting Oscar nominations. Firstly, its release date. It's a fact well known that Academy voters are less inclined to vote for films that were released early in the year, which makes Logan's February release a thorn in its side. (The same is also true for the Emmys, which is why TV shows like The Americans have moved their air dates for a better chance at the awards.)

Another, bigger problem is the Academy's refusal to acknowledge comic book movies in the Best Picture or Actor race. The only memorable achievement for a comic book movie was the Academy's decision to posthumously award Heath Ledger with Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

If the Academy does put aside their prejudice against superhero movies, Logan certainly stands a chance at an Oscar nomination, particularly in the Best Actor categories. Still, whether or not Logan makes the cut one thing is clear: with both Wonder Woman and Logan being seen as serious Oscar contenders, it's only a matter of time until superhero movies are being represented at the Academy Awards.

What are your thoughts on Logan, and do you think it deserves a shot at the Oscars? Sound off below.

(Source: Deadline)


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