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Despite starring in the worst film to date — and no, we're not talking about The Last Stand — Hugh Jackman's fortunes improved when James Mangold took over the franchise, helming the well-received sequel and the upcoming threequel, Logan.

Since the title of Logan was confirmed in October, information about the future of Ol' Canucklehead has poured in thick and fast, including that astonishing trailer and a number of behind the scenes photos that could indicate what's in store for Wolverine. So far, each new picture has teased us with some ambiguous details regarding 's plot, but the latest may have given away the most surprising plot point yet, revealing whose funeral is depicted in the trailer — and for once, it's not Jean Grey!

Check out the official Logan trailer again below for a quick reminder:

As you may have guessed, there's a number of potential Logan spoilers in store, so don't go berserker on us if it turns out that our psychic powers rival that of Xavier himself.

Mutant Massacre

At first glance, this latest Instagram photo released by the film's official account doesn't give away too much, aside from proving once again that Wolverine is the best at what he does. However, managed to delve in even deeper than one of Logan's adamantium claws, theorizing that this monochromatic image could spell the end for everyone's favorite bald guy, Professor Charles Xavier.

Is the dead body at Wolverine's feet actually Professor X? No, clearly not, so how was this conclusion reached? First of all, further analysis of the trailer suggests that Logan's victim here is actually one of Donald Pierce's Reaver soldiers — the armor looks the same if you check around the 1:00 mark.

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

Secondly, it seems as though this uniquely domestic setting is taken from a scene later on in the movie where Wolverine must defend a safe house from all-out assault. Again, while we don't know the plot specifics yet, it's safe to assume that this is what will happen as another scene from the trailer shows Logan, Charles and a young X-23 sitting in a similar house at the 1:12 mark.

Need more convincing? From 1:22 seconds in, Logan battles the Reavers in a forest that could easily be located close to the house and further peril for Professor X occurs around the 1:08 mark, which could also take place in this same location.

But How Does This Reveal The Death Of Professor Charles Xavier?

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

So far, none of this necessarily indicates that Xavier meets his demise, but take a closer look at the Logan trailer from around 1:30 - 1:40. In the same clothes as before, Wolverine and Laura appear to be burying someone in a similar forest setting, probably in the aftermath of this colossal fight against the Reavers.

Online rumors already suggested that this scene could depict the final resting place of Professor Charles Xavier, but have pieced together exactly how this could play out in the final release.

  • Logan, Xavier and X-23 take refuge in a remote house surrounded by forest.
  • The Reavers attack.
  • Logan is overwhelmed as his powers are in decline
  • In a last ditch effort, Xavier manages to save Logan and X-23 by over-exerting his abilities in a move that ultimately leads to his death.

Check out this clip revealing how X-Men: Apocalypse was brought to the big screen:

How Likely Is This Theory?

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

While we still don't know for certain whether Professor Xavier will float off to that school for gifted oldies in the sky, the theory is certainly a compelling one. After all, if Charles did die in this fashion, it would prove to be a heroic end to this iconic figure, one that's decidedly more fitting than the way he was unceremoniously killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand.

The death of Professor Xavier would undoubtedly spur Wolverine on to save X-23 and take over as both an inspiration and leader to the mutants who remain, much like he did in the comics. Speaking of the source material, it's worth bearing in mind that Charles didn't appear in the original Old Man Logan arc that this particular film is based on, freeing Mangold and the screenwriters to put their own stamp on Wolverine's legacy.

[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

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Whether the picture's "Silence" caption refers to the death of a different character or our own stunned response to Professor Xavier's demise, we can't imagine that Patrick Stewart will remain with the franchise for much longer, so this could be the best way to handle his departure from the series. However, fans will have to wait until Logan slashes its way into cinemas on March 3, 2017, for a definitive answer regarding Charles's fate.


Do you think Professor Xavier will die in Logan?

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