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Update (10/18/16): The Reavers have been confirmed as villains in Logan!

After last week's announcement of Logan being the official title to Hugh Jackman's last outing as the Wolverine, fans didn't expect another announcement to be released so soon — but in the newest reveal, the identity to the mysterious villain portrayed by Boyd Holbrook has been confirmed by the director of Logan, James Mangold.

Holbrook is most well known for his part on the hit television series Narcos, but after he makes his debut in Logan, fans will be associating him with a completely different character: Donald Pierce.

According to the initial report by Deadline, Donald Pierce is "a relentless, calculating, and intense head of security for a global enterprise set against Jackman's clawed Wolverine." With many of the rumors around Logan suggesting the possibility of Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mister Sinister appearing in the film, fans have begun to speculate that the Essex Corporation, run by Nathaniel Essex, will be the global enterprise for which Donald Pierce works. And if that is the case, then Logan will very likely feature several of the Reavers...

Marvel Comics' History Of The Reavers

In Marvel Comics, Donald Pierce has a well-known affiliation with the Reavers, which began under mysterious circumstances. The Reavers were originally soldiers tasked with capturing and killing Wolverine, but their plans ran afoul and resulted in Wolverine tearing them all to pieces. In the end, they were remade into cyborgs.

Both Pierce and the Reavers exhibited some very heartfelt disdain for Wolverine and have come to an accord in joining forces against him. In the comics, it wasn't revealed until later on that Donald Pierce was actually the person responsible for creating the Reavers, which could very plausibly play into Logan as well.

Would The Reavers In 'Logan' Be At Pierce's Beck And Call?

Assuming that the Donald Pierce of Logan shares a similar origin to his comic-book counterpart, it's very possible that the Reavers will also be joining Donald Pierce in the new film. Considering that several reports from the Logan filming locations in New Mexico have indicated that strange army type vehicles have been on set, it would provide some evidence to back up the claim of the Reavers appearing.

Not only do the rumors suggest that the Reavers will join Holbrook's character, but considering the mere fact of Donald Pierce having a role in the film, it's very likely that Pierce's henchmen will consist of an iteration of the Reavers.

Most assailants aren't known for surviving a physical confrontation with Wolverine, so if Wolverine makes quick work of a handful of Pierce's bodyguards, Pierce could have the ideal candidates he needs to begin experimenting on them, creating the Reavers in the process.

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In the scenario of the Reavers joining the cast of Logan, we could plausibly see any or all of these Reavers show up alongside Donald Pierce...

Wade Cole, Murray Reese, Lady Deathstrike

(We actually saw Lady Deathstrike meet her fate in X2: X-Men United, but remember, this is a new universe due to the events of Days of Future Past, so it's possible for her to come back.)



Pretty Boy

Will X-23 Fight The Reavers Too?

As of now, we can only assume that the little girl spotted on set with Hugh Jackman is the mysterious Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23 in Marvel Comics. X-23 is the closest thing to a descendant Wolverine has, and she's very likely going to appear in Logan.

With X-23 potentially entering the picture, she might stand as Wolverine's only backup in a situation where Wolverine comes face to face with the Reavers. But X-23 and Wolverine still don't seem like a formidable enough force to take on the Reavers on their own. They are going to need help, especially now that Wolverine is looking quite aged and Hugh Jackman's new look while filming Logan seems to be sharing some striking similarities to the "Old Man Logan" version of Wolverine.

In terms of who could help the two clawed mutants in a fight against the Reavers is still up for debate, and we can exclude Patrick Stewart's elderly Professor X from playing a pivotal role in the (potential) fight since Professor X's abilities would not be relatable to the physical forces presented by the Reavers. With so many villains being forced against Wolverine, he'll need another mutant hero to back him up.

Who Could Help Wolverine Take On The Reavers?

It's possible that in the future timeline when Logan takes place, there'll still be some mutant brethren for Wolverine to recruit. And it's not in Wolverine's way to recruit others for his own cause, but if he is backed into a corner with no other option than to ask for help, Wolverine could find himself crossing paths with the X-Force team.

In Marvel Comics, the "Messiah War" event depicted the X-Force team led by Wolverine on a mission to stop Stryfe and the Reavers in the future. The X-Force team consisted of X-23, Cable, Hepzibah, Wolfsbane and Warpath. X-Force was able to defeat the mutant clone of Cable, Stryfe, along with the Reavers by his side.

Now considering that a well-known member of X-Force, X-23, is potentially teaming up with Wolverine in Logan, Wolverine's other X-Force comrades could sign up as well — and Cable is going to appear in Deadpool 2. Although, until further details are released, we won't know how Wolverine will deal with the Reavers ... that is, if they are introduced in Logan at all.

Logan opens in theaters on March 3, 2017. Do you think the confirmation of Donald Pierce mean the Reavers will appear alongside him? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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