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The upcoming solo Wolverine movie is right around the corner. So far, very few details have come out about Hugh Jackman's last adventure as the three-clawed mutant, other than that Mister Sinister is the villain. But, seeing how we are now just five months away from the movie, the promotional material is charging at us as hard as possible. Earlier today, Hugh Jackman posted on his Instagram and Twitter the first poster for the movie, which revealed the official title as Logan.

Now, director James Mangold has posted a picture of the second page of the script, revealing pivotal details for the film. Take a look:

In case you aren't able to read it because of how small it is, here's what's on the page:

"Logan: Fuck. Now might be a good time to talk about the "fights" described in the next 100 or so pages. Basically, if you're on the make for a hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying, CG fuckathon, this ain't your movie. In this flick, people will get hurt or killed when shit falls on them. They will get just as hurt or just as killed if they get hit with something big and heavy like, say, a car. Should anyone in our story have the misfortune to fall off a roof or out a window, they won't bounce. They will die. As for our hero, well, he's older now and it's clear his abilities aren't what they once were. He's fading on the inside and his diminished healing factor keeps him in a constant state of chronic pain - hence (can't quite make it out) as a painkiller. So by all means, go ahead and worry about him. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah --As the smoke settles, a CROWBAR-toting Banger angrily chews out JITTERS in Spanish for firing. The others resume their work... none aware of Logan slowly getting up, till --Logan: Guys... Seriously... (gets to his feet) You don't wanna do this. The Bangers react to Logan with bafflement. Ad-lib Spanish reactions, nervous chuckles --CROWBAR presses down JITTTERS' gun as he moves to Logan. We hear a familiar SNIKT! as claws extend from Logan's hands.CROWBAR THWACKS HIS SKULL. A metallic ring. Off balance and pissed, Logan swings at them as they converge, but he's drunk and soon they're pounding him with knives and guns and fists and a Makita drill."

The "F&%k" at the beginning of the page stands out, reinforcing that Logan will be rated R. Previous rumors suggested that the movie would adapt the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics and looking at this page, it seems Fox and Mangold are going the Civil War route, in which the plot retains the essence from the comic book storyline but is very loosely based on it. Here's the most important question this script page gives us:

Why Is Logan's Healing Factor Fading?

Wolverine has a pretty impressive healing factor, in that he can literally regenerate from a tooth. In some comic book storylines, the Adamantium in his skeleton poisons him but his healing factor constantly fights it. The thing is, we never knew that this ability could go away (at least in the movies). After all, it's part of his mutation, it wasn't given to him by the Weapon X program. We're used to seeing him rebound from major injuries that would kill anyone else twice over:

I have a theory for how they might explain this in Logan: When we're young, we can run, jump and even climb fairly easily. But, as we get older, our body starts to break down, our joints aren't as oiled and we find ourselves in a tight spot when trying to do the same things we did years before. This could be what's happening with Logan. His mutant abilities are a part of him and in Fox's movie universe these gifts could break down over time just like a shoulder or knee joint.

There are, of course, plot holes to this theory. In the X-Men movie universe, it's been established that Wolverine is almost 200 years old so why is his healing factor just breaking down now? Did it have an expiration date? Is it like a car, where all the components are built to break down around the same time? Or did something happen in between X-Men: Days of Future Past (or Apocalypse) and Logan that made Wolverine's healing factor go away? Hopefully, they will address this potential plot hole in the movie as they can't explain his abilities fading away from what happened in The Wolverine, because that was erased thanks to Wolverine's jaunt to the '70s.

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More than anything, this page reveals that the movie will not have the Old Man Logan storyline as a focal point and will instead borrow from several years of Wolvie's comic book history to create what seems to be the grittiest and more realistic experience in the X-Men movie universe yet. Logan will be released on March 3, 2017.


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