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In the '90s, a decade of few great superhero movies, all the best stuff was happening on TV — specifically in Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.

Lois And Clark ran for four seasons on ABC, and it was awesome. It had everything — a Daily Planet you wanted to work at, a loveable Jimmy Olsen, and various batshit insane storylines including an unforgettable five-episode arc in Season 3 in which Lois was held captive by Lex Luthor while her identical clone walked down the aisle with a clueless Clark Kent (seriously, how did he not twig? Some journalist!).

But while everything about the show was tight, it was Teri Hatcher's sexy, smart, highly charismatic take on Lois Lane which really did the business. An image of Hatcher naked and wrapped in Superman's red cape was the most-downloaded image in the history of the internet when it hit in 1995. The original Kim K, much?

In many ways the show's bright, warm tone is recaptured by The CW's , so it makes for a weirdly perfect act of symmetry that Hatcher, the greatest-ever on screen Lois, has now been cast as a villain in that very show.

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She'll be playing a major Season 2 villain, so-far unnamed, which should be fun considering all of her most iconic roles to date have been girl next door types — and you'd bet your ass on a reunion with Dean Cain, the Superman of Lois And Clark, who plays Jeremiah Danvers in Supergirl (assuming he ever emerges from his ongoing hostage situation at Project Cadmus).

Remember that time I broke the internet? [Credit: ABC/Warner Bros.]
Remember that time I broke the internet? [Credit: ABC/Warner Bros.]

And that's not the only reunion on the cards — for Hatcher, who played Susan on Desperate Housewives, there's also the prospect of a potential face-to-face with Brenda Strong, who was her friendly dead neighbor on Wisteria Lane and now plays the scheming Lillian Luther, last seen being arrested in S02E08. Whether Hatcher's villain has any ties with Project Cadmus remains to be seen.

Supergirl airs Monday, March 6 on The CW. Check out the trailer below for the next episode, 'The Martian Chronicles'.

What kind of trouble will TV's ultimate Lois Lane stir in Metropolis?


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