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Whether you're a teenage comic book fan or the most important investigative journalist at the Daily Planet, everybody finds time to pick up a book now and then. An Easter Egg just spotted in the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman reveals that Lois Lane is a bit of a comic book nerd herself — and that her chosen reading, like the stories she pens at work, is basically as good as it gets.

Check out the screengrab from Batman v Superman below and see if you can spot one of the best-loved graphic novels on Lois's shelf...

See it? [Credit: 'Batman v Superman', Warner Bros.]
See it? [Credit: 'Batman v Superman', Warner Bros.]

It took me a second to spot the garish yellow-and-black spine of Alan Moore's 'Watchmen,' but sure enough, it's there, such a minor detail that it's impossible not to wonder how many more Easter Eggs are dotted throughout Dawn of Justice, still to be discovered by the good denizens of the internet.

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Obviously, there's no chance that the book acts as a hint that the Watchmen may exist in the DCEU — the Cold War setting of Moore's story prohibits that. Depending on what becomes of this universe in the wake of Darkseid's (presumed) arrival in the sequel, though, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that a Cold War-esque chill may invade the weathers of the DC on the big screen. Even then, 'Watchmen' has been described as impossible to adapt, and Snyder's own version was controversial, so perhaps it's best left alone.

The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is out now on all formats, and probably worth a re-watch if you're the kind of person who likes to freeze-frame and zoom your eyes in on crazy details and then share the wealth with the rest of us. Credit for spotting the book goes to Brunobots on Reddit.

Should Lois Lane have a bigger role in the DCEU? And have you spotted any unseen 'Batman v Superman' Easter Eggs?

'Man Of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Man Of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]


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