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With 's Thor: The Dark World ready to hammer into theaters on November 8, Marvel Studios has released a ton of incredible high-res images for us to get all excited over. Again.

While we've seen plenty of images from The Dark World already, I don't recall having seen the God of Mischief - Thor's really annoying little brother - cosy up with the God of Thunder's girlfriend, Jane (). Sure, I get that 's Loki is just THE perfect combination of charming and elegance (I mean, how many other actors can you think of that play the villain, but have more fangirls than the hero? Exactly) but I'm not convinced that 's Thor will see it quite that way...

Check 'em out:

(via ComicBookMovie)

On a scale of 'one' to 'HELL FREAKIN' YES!!!', how much do you want to see this movie?



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