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After the Avengers had finished and I'd finally picked my jaw up from the theater floor (they're very sticky), my thoughts turned to the future; the future of superheroics and how we'd see them come to life in 2013.

First up is Iron Man 3, which will herald the triumphant debut of ol' Shellhead's nemesis The Mandarin; but what I'm more excited about is the prospect of revisiting my favorite underacted Avenger: one Thor H. Odinsson (The H stands for hairy). You see, the blond batterer will make his way back into theaters this year inThor: The Dark World, and with him, we'll also see his brother Loki.

One of the best parts of last summer's The Avengers was the sickening, slithering acting of Brit thespian, . He turned Loki from a sniveling half-brother into a genuine world-beating menace, with spectacular results. Naturally, my wonderings about the future quite quickly turned to Loki himself. The last time we saw him, he was being transported back to Asgard to receive judgment from Sir with a rather snazzy mouth guard across his face.

This led fans (myself included) to assume that a formulaic, but no less enjoyable twist was in order for Thor 2. Something that would involve the redemption of a damned brother, culminating in a heroic death to save the world he once tried to enslave. Awesome, warm, and the potential for some crackling drama and emotional beats between the divine siblings.

...except, it seems as though we might have been wrong on this one, at least for the early part of the movie.

(Doctor Who, Heroes, 28 Days Later), playing freshly minted villain Malekith the Accursed (he's a big-deal dark-elf god-botherer in the comics), was presumed to be taking on the mantle of sole antagonist. Now it seems that Thor's little brother may be more that just a spectator in this villain's rise to power.

Speaking with Total Film in an interview that will appear in next month's edition, Eccleston described his character as:

[A] bad guy with no redeeming qualities [who] plans to take over the universe-egged on by Tom Hiddleston's mischievous Loki.

Oh Loki, you slippery fish. Just when we think you might have given up causing trouble for your poor brother, you jump right back in and start mixing up all kinds of chaos. This, of course, may be Ecceleston simply getting the facts wrong or even making an assumption about the movie.

If, however, Ecceleston has dropped a spoiler on us, does this mean that our theory of a redemptive Loki making a heroic sacrifice holds no water at all? I could still see it happening, perhaps at the start of the movie Loki, still holding feelings of resentment for what happened on Earth, is the catalyst for Malekith's rise to power.

Perhaps the story will play out that, by the end of the movie, when he sees the destruction he's wrought, he could well end up accepting his brother's offer of an alliance which culminates in the aforementioned heroic sacrifice. I'm kind of a big fan of the heroic sacrifice. I gave up my seat to an old lady on the subway this morning. Feels good.

Lots of questions are raised in this scenario, too. Did Loki set this up during his extended sabbatical between Thor and The Avengers? Is his egging going to take place from his prison cell in the form of coded messages sent directly to the elf world? Could this all be linked to the nefarious Thanos, first glimpsed at the end of The Avengers, who is also confirmed for more appearances down the track? Perhaps Thanos has offered Loki a chance to redeem himself for his failure on Earth, and is forcing the God of mischief to do what he does best? To get some answers, [[follow]] Thor: The Dark World.


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