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Innews that I hate to say everyone saw coming, but that everyone saw coming, Disney's The Lone Ranger didn't exactly light the world on fire in its box office debut on Wednesday night, garnering only $9.6 million, which is disastrous for a film with an estimated $250 million budget that makes the budget for 's much-maligned World War Z look like model of fiscal restraint. The film may not even pass the $45 million mark in its first five days, which goes well beyond disastrous into a word that I don't even think has been invented yet.

Part of the problem, it's being reported, is that with the level of violence in the film, it is very much not a family friendly film, which is generally the demographic from which Disney makes its money. Further, while star seems to be capable in the role of the Lone Ranger, multiple groups have filed complaints about 's over-the-top portrayal (is there any other kind from Depp now?) of Tonto, saying it's an insult and offensive to Native Americans, Depp claiming to be a real Native American now notwithstanding.

Still, all hope is not yet lost for the megablockbuster, as it's receiving a CinemaScore of B+ from audiences who obviously don't entirely agree with the critical evisceration it's received. So it is entirely possible that word of mouth will help the film rebound from its awful opening, and that viewing could pick up once the U.S. is past the 4th of July holiday.

Meanwhile at the box office, Despicable Me 2 kicked the


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