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After revealing that their relationship had finally sputtered to a halt this September, Liam Hemsworth might just be pining for a shot of Miley in his life.

Despite the fact that their romance ended in turmoil, appears to be putting on the rose-tinted glasses when he looks back on his former flame. An anonymous source let slip to US Weekly that;

He pushed to get back in touch

and it seems that his efforts at resuming contact were a raging success because;

Miley and Liam are talking like they did when they were together

While this is a far cry from them becoming an item once more, it could be the first spark that resumes the fire of their romance.

Although appearing to be revelling in the single life on the Ellen show and went as far as to say;

I keep saying I'm the happiest I've ever been, and that's not even a dig, that's just me because I really am genuinely happy, finally with myself. I think it sometimes takes you separating yourself from someone else, to really be happy with who you are

A radiant single Miley

Her resolve to enjoy her time alone might not be as strong as it seemed , yesterday on twitter she posted some hilarious pictures of couples in matching outfits with the caption "I want a boyfriend who will wear jean on jean with me"

The image that Miley posted on twitter whilst wishing for WENN


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