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Growing up watching movies, we have all dreamt about owning various trinkets and weapons used by our beloved heroes and favorite nefarious villains. Who didn't want Spider-Man's web slingers, Green Lantern's power ring or pretty much anything owned by ? Well, if you always dreamt of riding Green Goblin's glider, it looks like your dream has finally become reality.

That's right, the villainous Goblin glider has been created in real life and is fully functional, minus the weapons of course. And how was this miraculous achievement utilized? To hand a football to a referee.

As local soccer teams Benfica and Vitória de Guimarães prepared to kick off the 2017 Portuguese Cup final, the referee was delivered the match ball by a man using a Goblin glider. Yes, this actually happened. Check it out below.

We aren't talking about a guy hovering over the pitch by one or two feet. This brave soul literally flew a good 50 feet in the air before descending to deliver the ball to the ref. The man then proceeded to fly out of the stadium. It is unconfirmed whether he was yammering on about a certain red wall crawler.

This isn't the first time a popular item from comic book lore has been created in real life. Last year, researchers were able to design a fully functioning Batsuit, which they named the Superflex — a pretty dumb name for a Batsuit, if you ask me. The Superflex was designed to replace walkers for the elderly and assist soldiers in combat, as it grants the wearer superhuman strength thanks to a lot of scientific whatnot.

So we now live in a world with fully functioning Batsuits and Green Goblin gliders. Good God, I cannot wait for this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


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