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We normal mortals, in our breakups with long-term lovers, have to worry about how to split up the usual things: The stuff. The friends. The bills. The favorite restaurant. Celebrities, on the other hand, have to worry about splitting up entire neighborhoods.

Such is the case with and , with Hollywood Life reporting K-Stew has apparently declared their shared neighborhood of Los Feliz her turf. And with Rob scared of running into Kristen for fear it will hurt (poor guy), the actor has been spending as much time away from the neighborhood as possible, even going so far as to have dinner at out-of-the-way sushi restaurant Shu, which, according to a source, was by choice:

Shu is in Bel Air in a small shopping complex, which is about as far as you could get away from Silver Lake/Los Feliz β€” both the distance and the vibe. It’s a place Kristen would probably never go.

If you Google Map it, you'll see the two neighborhoods are only 13 miles and 35 minutes apart. But in Southern California traffic style, there might as well be a hundred miles between them. Trust me. As someone who has spent a few years there, there's very little chance of Rob running into his ex.

Still, it must be hard for him, considering his home is also in Los Feliz. Poor guy is on the run, it looks like. It's bound to happen at some point, so let's hope he makes his peace with running into Kristen soon.


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