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Sarah Gibson

Looper and Brick director isn't one to follow established genres, and his next sci-fi flick looks set to follow suit. According to /Film's editor Peter Sciretta's Twitter, this one will be a sci-fi cyberpunk story.

"Cyberpunk" does sound like a bit of an outdated term, but I'll definitely give Johnson the benefit of the doubt after watching his $176.5 million box office and -starring flick of 2012.

Awesome! Basically cyberpunk stories are set in a near-future Earth with advanced technology and usually feature hackers, AIs, advanced corporations and/or robots.

Not much else is known about this particular project, but it's good to see Johnson refining the sci-fi genre with his next movie. I hope this will something in the vein of Blade Runner or Dark City, with a little bit of Strange Days thrown in there.

Does this sound like a project you'd be into? Let us know in the comments!


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