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We all have our theories about how Game of Thrones is going to end (this tear-jerker is one of my personal favorites). But that secret is protected more carefully than Brienne of Tarth protects Sansa Stark. Even cast members don't get to know all the gory deets. Still, that hasn't stopped them from speculating with theories of their own...

Melisandre 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' / Game of Thrones / HBO
Melisandre 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' / Game of Thrones / HBO

This latest one comes from 28-year-old Finn Jones, who used to play Loras Tyrell until the poor guy got blown up in the Season 6 finale. Ser Loras may have died, but Jones is still a big Thrones fan. In an interview with Vulture, he shared his own idea for how the whole series is going to end.

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Here it is:

I've had this theory for a while, but I think there needs to be a message with the end of Game of Thrones. You know? I think what needs to happen is ice and fire are going to go to war, a huge war between those two factions, and I think in that war, they will destroy themselves. There will be complete chaos, complete destruction. It'll just be a war-torn map. And I think out of that winter carnage, spring will follow, and what we'll see is power being given back to the individual realms. I think the Iron Throne will be dissolved, both physically and ideologically. A Small Council will be set up — not to take power, but to give power back. Hopefully, a more democratic and more progressive era will arise on Westeros. I think that's a really nice, positive way to end the story, and I think we need that right now. The world is a really fucking weird place right now, and we need someone telling a hopeful, positive, progressive story about politics and power. Why not let it be Game of Thrones, one of the most watched shows, if not the most watched show, in the world? Have a real powerful statement that the power should not be in a throne, or in one centralized pinnacle of power. The power should be in individual democracies, in individual communities. It shouldn't be an oligarchy, or some small group of elite. Power should be with the people and not with some politician or some heir to the throne or some madman. Fuck that. The world's dying. We really need to take a look at ourselves and decide what's next. Thrones would be the perfect platform to send a progressive message because right now, our politicians aren't telling us any truths. It's hard to find a good, meaningful message, so I think it's up to storytellers, television shows, and films to have an impact on the world conversation. Is that not what film and television is for? And if not, what is it for?

Power to the people!

Joffrey / Game of Thrones / HBO
Joffrey / Game of Thrones / HBO

Jones isn't the first Game of Thrones star to suggest the idea of melting down the Iron Throne. No one would have expected King Joffrey to be an advocate for dissolution of power, but 24-year-old Jack Gleeson, the actor that played him, suggested just that:

"This isn’t a spoiler because I know zero about the show and I literally know nothing about what will happen. But a fan came up with this theory that they told me - someone’s going to melt down the Iron Throne because it has the Valyrian steel that will overcome the White Walkers. I think that’s kind of a cool idea - the monarchy is literally dissolved."

When you add in Dany's comment about wanting to be the one to "break the wheel" of power in Westeros, these guys might really be on to something here!


Do you think the Iron Throne will get destroyed?

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