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The recent news about Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's departure from the untitled Han Solo film was very troubling for a lot of Star Wars fans — especially as the film was deep into production, with only weeks left before principal photography wraps. The pair left the film due to "creative differences", and Lucasfilm have vowed to find a new director to replace them. However, it appears the directing duo may be interested in taking on another particularly troublesome production — 2018's .

Lord and Miller were initially attached to the DCEU film back in 2015, before leaving the project to join the Han Solo film instead. But as their relationship with Lucasfilm worsened in recent weeks, the pair reportedly met with with Warner Bros. about a possible return to The Flash.

Could Lord And Miller Finally Save 'The Flash'?

Ever since the film's announcement, The Flash has faced quite the uphill battle. Initially, fans weren't happy with the decision to cast new Scarlet Speedster Ezra Miller — especially when Grant Gustin was doing such a great job with The CW's TV series. But undoubtedly, the biggest issue that has plagued Warner Bros. since the beginning is the seemingly impossible task of maintaining a director.

After Lord and Miller's departure from the film, Seth Grahame-Smith took over the reigns of the project, and suddenly it seemed like everything was back on track. But Smith would also leave, citing "creative differences" as his reason for doing so. Rick Famuyiwa stepped in to replace him, but he would also depart, leaving us to wonder if the Scarlet Speedster's cinematic debut was doomed.

Since then, names like Kevin Smith and Robert Zemeckis have come up quite often, with the latter emerging as the frontrunner, but we have yet to hear anything official. Thus, the news of Lord and Miller's rumored return is more than welcome. While it would be ironic if their departure from the Han Solo film ended up bringing them right back to The Flash, that might be exactly what Warner Bros. needs. Perhaps their departure from one film just might save another.

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