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Horror fanatics, get your Amazon Prime account ready, because a new series is coming and it will probably scare the pants off you.

On October 13th, will debut Lore, a six-episode anthology series based on the award-winning podcast of the same name. The podcast, which has 70 episodes and counting, has received a cult following since its debut in 2015. Each episode centers around folklore and historical information to tell a spooky tale.

Aaron Mahnke, creator and narrator of the podcast, puts in hours of research for each episode to ensure historical accuracy — creepy, creepy historical accuracy.

It's no surprise that Amazon wants to jump on the horror anthology bandwagon, as the passion for scary stories — especially those based on true events — has never been higher. The series will take six podcast episodes and recreate them for the small-screen with live action, documentary footage and animations.

Podcast listeners might be familiar with the episodes, but for newcomers, here is the official episode list and plot details for each featured story:

They Made a Tonic - "Before we knew how disease spread, medicine was as much superstition as it was science. And in the small New England towns of the 1800s, there is a belief that consumption can only be stopped by making sure the dead are actually dead."

Echoes - "Dr. Walter Freeman is the father of the icepick lobotomy. He believes the ten-minute procedure will all but end the need for the mental hospital. He has the best of intentions but winds up creating an entirely new kind of horror story."

Black Stockings - "In 19th century Ireland, folklore has a strong hold. Michael Cleary is convinced his wife, Bridget, has been replaced by a fairy called a changeling. And his belief drives him to the most extreme act."

Passing Notes - "In 19th century America, at the height of the Spiritualist Movement, a haunted house is not just the stuff of ghost stories. Many believe the dead can talk and, sometimes, will come back from the other side to wreak havoc on the living."

The Beast Within - "Werewolves are now movie monsters. But they were once thought to be all too real. In 1589, villagers in Bedburg, Germany, are convinced that a werewolf is killing women and children only to discover the killer is really one of their own."

Unboxed - "Robert Gene Otto is a child without friends. That is, until he receives a doll as a gift. He names the doll after himself, Robert. They become fast friends and soon the boy believes the doll is real. But to everyone else...Robert the Doll is a curse."

If the werewolves, haunted dolls and changelings aren't enough for you, the cast list is pretty impressive. 's Robert Patrick will join star Holland Roden and alum Kristin Bauer van Straten, just to name a few.

The series is being adapted with the help of the genius mind behind , Gale Ann Hurd, who appeared on Thursday's Lore panel at New York Comic Con alongside some of the cast. Avid Lore listeners will be glad to hear that Aaron Mahnke will serve as the narrator. The nightmare-inducing stories have apparently left early viewers visibly shaken, which the panelists attributed to the unnerving non-fiction factor.

The panel also saw the debut of new footage featuring Robert the Doll, the real-life inspiration for Chucky. Check it out below:

The series hasn't even aired yet, but we're already hoping it continues past the initial season, considering there are over 60 podcast episodes and counting, all capable of being adapted. Who wouldn't want to see episodes featuring Wendigos, swamp creatures, gremlins and body snatchers?

All six episodes of Lore hit Amazon Prime on October 13.

Will you be watching Lore? Tell us in the comments below!

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