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Missing Nine (미씽 9) is a currently airing in South Korea. With a stellar cast, superb cinematography, and mellow score, there's no doubt in my mind that this drama will be both interesting and heartbreaking as the truth of the events on the island unfold.

A Thrilling, Mysterious Melodrama On An Uninhabited Island? Yes, Please

A plane crashes in the middle of the ocean. The nine survivors, all K-pop artists and staff members of a top entertainment company, wash up on an uninhabited island. After four months, the only survivor, Ra Bong-hee, is found. Will she reveal the mysteries surrounding the horrible crash or fall victim to a group of people who wish to silence the truth?

The Lone Survivor: Ra Bong-Hee

'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]
'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]

Ra Bong-hee, played by Baek Jin-hee, starts out as an aspiring stylist. On her first day on the job, she's given the task of coordinating outfits for a has-been K-pop celebrity. She follows him overseas to work on an upcoming anniversary concert for the company when their plane crashes. She's found four months later washed up on a beach. She slowly reveals the events that occurred on the island — events that end in a murder.

Has-Been Celebrity: Seo Joon-Oh

'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]
'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]

With an air of superiority, Seo Joon-oh is first introduced on the set of a TV spot he is completely against doing. Straightforward and unapologetic, Seo Joon-oh refuses to believe that he's not popular anymore. His rise to fame came and went after he received backlash for the suicide of one of his former group's music producers. Hoping to rebuild some of his lost fame, he boards a plane with the rest of his fellow K-pop stars to take part in their agency's anniversary concert.

The Golden Child: Choi Tae-ho

'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]
'Missing Nine' [Credit:: SM C&C]

Choi Tae-ho is the exact opposite of Seo Joon-oh. He's popular, sought after by directors, and one of the top actors in South Korea. Though he seems like a nice guy, his squeaky clean exterior begins to break down as we see him interact with his fellow K-pop stars and superiors. His constant need to remind Seo Joon-oh of the person he "killed" is evidence that he's bent on destroying any chance of Seo Joon-oh coming back into the limelight. Choi Tae-ho has yet to instill a sense of trustworthiness as his actions continue to reveal his selfish and opportunist nature.

Don't Miss Out On This Surprisingly Comedic K-Drama

All is calm before the storm. That's what this drama will do for you. It will introduce a mellow atmosphere after the tragic plane crash and slap you in the face with a harrowing tale of survival and deadly decisions.

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