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Matt Carter

I don't think I'm being too controversial when I say that loves an explosion. The man who coined the phrase "fucking the frame" (you stay classy Mr Bay) is a big fan of making lots of things go boom, preferably at sunset. The director is currently filming Transformers: Age of Extinction in Detroit so it should come as no surprise that the latest on-set videos are of explosions, tanks flying through the air, some more explosions, people screaming and then some more explosions. The only thing missing from the Michael Bay repertoire is a an scantily-clad attractive lady bending over a piece of machinery in a sexually provocative pose (we'll probably get that next week).

Anyway, some bystanders managed to catch the bayhem on camera, so give it a look because it also features Bumblebee. And explosions. Did I mention that there are explosions?




And just because, here's a set photo of carrying a massive sword.



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