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On Bob's Burgers, Kristen Schaal's character Louise Belcher has always threatened to overshadow the other family members. Her "everything but charming" personality has made for many hilarious moments. Love or hate her, she steals the show.

We've never been fooled by Louise's crafty, misleading demeanor because she always ultimately reminds us she's a diabolical child. Louise is cunning, mischievous, motivated by money, and never afraid to speak her mind (often speaking to our souls). That's why she's a hit with fans.

With that in mind, watch the clip below, featuring Louise Belcher's most memorable one-liners.

Louise might be the youngest of the bunch but her manners stab you in the belly (pun intended). She just doesn't care about what people think and harvests her smarts for personal gain, which, as the clip above reminds us, makes her incredibly funny.

All seven seasons of are available on Hulu, which means you can binge watch unlimited reruns of your favorite episodes in anticipation of the eighth season's premiere.

FOX's Bob's Burgers's Season 8 premiere airs on October 1, 2017.


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