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Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are eager to give the interwebs a big sniff of the beauteous, scented rose that is their friendship. The adorable duo seem to be reliving the giddy heights of their time as BFFs through the medium of Instagram after reuniting in Texas last week.

A retro BFF snap that Dakota Fanning shared on Instagram recently

shared the image above that shows her and looking pretty in punk during the filming of their 2010 movie, The Runaways. As if the pic in itself wasn't an enthusiastic enough tribute, Fanning also captioned the sentimental pic with the caption "True friendship never ends". Bless her little cottons.

Alas, this beautiful selfie ode to friendship seems a little one sided. While Kristen doesn't seem to be as tech savvy as her younger chum, she has not been spreading the joy of togetherness with such gusto.

Dakota also posted the above image to her Instagram when the pair had a ball together at the opening of 's Métiers D'Art collection last week.

Even if Kristen isn't as demonstrative as her best bud, Dakota is clearly doing something right in their undying friendship. After all, she has managed to coax a half smile out the stony faced K-Stew and that in itself is almost unheard of. High five Dakota!

Source: Vanity Fair and Entertainment Wise

Images: Vanity Fair via Instagram



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