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As director Patty Jenkins prepares to lasso the male-dominated world of movies, with Gal Gadot piloting her invisible jet as , it's clear that finally seeing a woman superhero in a leading role is a step in the right direction. However, in a wave of testosterone-stocked belligerence, a singular female-only screening of Wonder Woman seems to have rattled the wrong crowd.

With a misguided "eye for an eye" mentality, some are calling for men-only screening of the next Star Wars film, . The campaign has been notably spearheaded by Jack Posobiec, who, if you remember, was that outspoken a$$hole who told us all to boycott the Star Wars franchise for its dilution of "white power."

Posobiec was outraged about the multicultural cast of The Force Awakens in 2015, but is clearly looking forward to seeing The Last Jedi and his hypothetical men-only screening. Hmmm, it doesn't really add up when you consider that The Last Jedi contains fewer caucasian actors thanks to Harrison Ford's departure:

Star Bores

After dropping his aversion to Disney's intergalactic adventure series, Posobiec has called for a whole week of men-only screenings for The Last Jedi to "make up" for Wonder Woman. With the comment rightly sparking outrage, Jennifer Heddle, executive editor for fiction at Lucasfilm, was quick to slice down his idea with her lightsaber:

Ouch, that's gotta burn more than Anakin's trip to Mustafar.

The thing to remember here is that the Wonder Woman screening wasn't some petty show of power to get one over on the other sex. Secondly, the whole world of Star Wars is equally in favor of men and women. If anything, Star Wars is more dominated by women thanks to characters like Rey and Leia, who remain defiant against the franchise's male villains. Add to this that around 50% of Lucasfilm execs are women, and you can see why Posobiec is fighting a losing Battle of Yavin here.

Thankfully, it is safe to say that most people saw the lunacy of this idea and Posobiec has gone down even worse than normal on Twitter:

I dread to think what the late would have had to say about Posobiec's plans to launch his own male-staffed Death Star, but I imagine the Twitter takedown would be quite hilarious. Man, woman, black, white or Wookiee, book your tickets to see The Last Jedi and why not just enjoy it?

With both Wonder Woman and Star Wars tipped to be two of 2017's biggest hitters, I'm not sure the loss of Posobiec's ticket sales will dent the egos of and the rest of the crew too much.

Check out the trailer for The Last Jedi and don't forget our poll below!


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