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As we know from last week, writer took leave from the production of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and and (who co-wrote the 1980 Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) had to start writing a new script from scratch. It was a tough situation for producer and her creative team to face. She naively has thought that in the light of the new situation she could push the deadline of the film's release for 2016. But what was Disney's answer to this? "No way."

This obviously put a lot of pressure on director and his Star Wars-team, who quickly has to get back to work, if they want to finish by the originally announced deadline, May 2015.

As The Hollywood Reporter confirms (via Screen Crush) Lucasfilm went to see Disney CEO Robert Iger with their wish, but he was "adamant" about the issue. Lucasfilm still has to release the new Star Wars in 2015.

As Screen Crush reports, the start of the filming has already been pushed back to spring 2014 and if they shoot it for 3 months, it would only leave about 8 to the lengthy post-production process.

But why does Disney insist so much on 2015? Could it be that they want to release Star Wars for Christmas 2015 like it was previously rumoured? Or maybe because Disney paid $4 billion fro Lucasfilm and they want to start to make the money back?

Will the movie live up to its reputation if the crew just does not have enough time to make it properly?

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