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Warning: Spoilers for Lucifer Season 2.

After two successful seasons of solving crimes and fighting angels, the current season still in progress, Fox has granted its hit supernatural crime-comedy series, Lucifer, a 22-episode renewal for a third season as reported by Deadline.

The series follows its titular character Lucifer Morningsta — the devil himself — as he leaves his reign in Hell for a vacation in Los Angeles, owning a nightclub and wreaking havoc alongside his demonic ally, Mazikeen (Maze for short). Lucifer is pulled into a murder mystery in which he helps LAPD detective, Chloe Decker, solve the case, making him so enticed that he becomes her consultant and solves more crimes with her.

Following an explosive first season that ended with Lucifer discovering God's wife (his mother) had escaped from Hell, the second season picked up right where we left off, with audiences discovering who was the host for his mother and how she would be a problem for his relaxation in paradise.

He shouldn't have sent her straight to voicemail.
He shouldn't have sent her straight to voicemail.

The winter finale showed that not only had Lucifer discovered his mother's plan to use him and Chloe to get back to Heaven, but after rescuing the detective from her poison, he takes off, closes Lux and doesn't even leave a note, leaving everyone in the dark as to what to do now.

The show returns from its winter hiatus on May 1, which will see Lucifer return from his disappearance with a new mystery woman while he works on the murder of an up-and-coming musician while his mother and Amenadiel continue to look for a way to return to Heaven.

The inclusion of a new character with a mysterious background already offers so much in the way of potential storylines, including romantic troubles for Lucifer and Chloe, as well as a potential unknown nemesis trying to backstab our hero. But what will be interesting to see is what's to come in season three.

What More Could We See Next Season?

Though the series has taken a much more grounded approach for the character versus the comics, that doesn't necessarily mean storylines from the series couldn't be adapted — either loosely or more straight-forward — next season. The second season has slowly but surely introduced more supernatural elements into the series including a second angel, Uriel, visiting Los Angeles, along with multiple trips back to Hell and attempts by the Mother of Satan to return to Heaven.

The best story that would work for next season is the first issue in the latest solo series, in which Lucifer is accused of murdering God by his brother, Gabriel, and the two set out to solve the murder together in a buddy cop-type storyline. While it may be tough for the series to outright tell audiences God is dead, it could be a very adaptable story for the series, especially with Lucifer's mom and Amenadiel currently attempting to get back to Heaven.

It would seem only fitting they make it back and discover upon arrival that He is missing and it's up to Lucifer and his crew to discover where He has gone, as well as enlisting the help of Gabriel in doing so.

Lucifer will return from mid-season hiatus on Monday, May 1 at 9 p.m. on Fox and Fox Now.

What are your thoughts on the Lucifer renewal? What do you think should happen next? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Deadline)


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