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The Season 2 finale of Lucifer left us all in a state of "WTF." After Lucifer (Tom Ellis) sent his mother to a different universe and visited an injured Linda at the hospital, he got hit in the back of the head and woke up in the desert with his angel wings restored. Where the hell did Lucifer go? And how in heaven's divine power did he get his wings back?

Well, the Lucifer panel at addressed these questions. This new trailer might hold some clues:

Luficer executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich revealed that Lucifer did in fact wake up on Earth, and not in heaven as many fans had speculated. The producers also revealed that he's been on the hot and sandy desert for quite some time actually, with Season 3 exploring the mystery of his wings.

Tom Welling Joins The Cast

Smallville's own Clark Kent, , will make his Lucifer debut in Season 3 as police lieutenant Marcus Pierce. Here's how Variety describes the character:

While he’s reserved and well-respected, like Lucifer (Tom Ellis), he’s charming, charismatic and handsome. So when Pierce starts developing a connection with Decker (Lauren German), the devil comes out in Lucifer.

Season 3 will also see the return of Lucifer's mother, but not as "Mum," the all-powerful goddess of heaven. Battlestar Galactica alum Tricia Helfer will instead play the role of Charlotte, the attorney whose body Mum picked as her human host. Linda (Rachael Harris), now with her therapist license suspended, will also be an integral part of the season. We'll get to explore more of her backstory in one of four stand-alone episodes.

The SDCC panel teased that some biblical guest stars might make an appearance in the future. Oh, and Tom Ellis will also delight us once more with his amazing voice:

Lucifer will return to FX on Mondays at 8 PM. The first episode airs on October 2.

(Source: TV Insider, Variety)


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