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Welp. This was bound to happen.

2017 has rocked it with the genre. Recently released movies like Life and Alien: Covenant give us horror in space. Annabelle: Creation and Cult of Chucky will make sure we still have an innate fear of dolls. The It remake is set to fill our dreams with killer clowns and red balloons once again, and Get Out rekindled the fear of creepy white people, even among those of us not rich white people.

But amidst all the remakes, new offerings, and sequels, unwanted or not, comes a brand new mashup genre:


Credit: Paramount
Credit: Paramount

Do you like sports movies? How about horror movies? Then is for you. According to Coming Soon, whether we like it or not, we'll be getting our first look at the genre with . The film is coming to us courtesy of a partnership between Gunpowder & Sky and Mandalay Sports Media. Their goal is to make sporror a thing, a genre set in the world of sports—and yes, the plan is to have various pro athletes starring in the films, too.

If you're scratching your head in doubt, Jon Weinbach, Mandalay Sports Media’s executive vice-president, thinks you're just not seeing the big picture:

There are few places more frightening than a dark, empty arena, and the sports landscape is full of strange and authentically frightening characters. We’ve never seen a mash-up between horror and sports, where everything from a hockey skate to a nacho cheese vat can be dangerous – or even deadly.

To be fair, he's not wrong about the hockey skate thing. Just ask Clint Malarchuk.

(Hockey fans know what I'm talking about; the rest of you can Google.)

...or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Credit: Dimension Films
Credit: Dimension Films

No word on who will appear in this one, or when it'll hit theaters, but it's being directed by Aaron Cooley. His credits include the Shaken Not Stirred and The Campaigners, and, according to his Amazon author page, Cooley “is a producer and development executive for famed film director Joel Schumacher.” He'll soon be able to add Lucky Number to his resume. The movie will be about a pro basketball star whose time has come to pay up on a deal he made with the devil. Due to the terms of the deal, he undergoes a transformation that makes him not only a killer on the court, but everywhere else.

You know, that's not half bad. It sure as hell isn't full good, but definitely not half bad.


What do you think about the newest horror genre, sporror?

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