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Luke Skywalker has unfinished business. Originally an integral character in the original trilogy, the Jedi Master was a mere glint in Anakin's eye during the prequels, before Mark Hamill resurrected the role in an all-too-brief appearance in The Force Awakens.

Fortunately, Skywalker will have ample opportunity to finish said business in Star Wars 8, with director Rian Johnson confirming that Hamill will feature much more heavily in the next Episode, which will pick up directly after the climax of The Force Awakens.

As things stand, the bearded hero is down on his luck. We know from The Force Awakens that had vanished after events in Return of the Jedi (1983) and was hidden from obscurity for years, before managed to track him down. For a man of such power, at a time when the First Order is gaining traction in their quest for universal dominance, being left in the wilderness isn't an option.

The trouble is, Luke turned his back on the Jedi way of life after his apprentice and nephew, Ben Solo (more commonly known in mythology as ), defected to the Dark Side and massacred the new breed of Jedi that Luke was training in order to restore the Jedi Order. However, from Johnson's comments, it looks like Rey could be the antidote to Luke's guilt-ridden apathy.

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'Star Wars 8' Will Focus On The Relationship Of Rey And Luke

Rey hands Luke his lightsaber in 'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney]
Rey hands Luke his lightsaber in 'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney]

As well as confirming that Rey will form a close bond with Luke, in an interview with USA Today, he explained that the relationship between the pair will form "a large part" of the narrative of , which is beyond exciting. Johnson's confirmation that Rey will face a "coming-of-age" arc also ties in with reports that much of the film will focus on Luke's training.

But there may be even more to it. Luke is primed to become Rey's father figure, which is fitting on many levels. Rey is yet to discover her parentage, allowing Luke to fulfil that important role as the former Jakku scavenger becomes a force to be reckoned with. Further still, Luke may see himself in Rey, as he too was raised without parents, igniting his passion and desire to fight the First Order.

There was much speculation Luke could be Rey's father, although director J.J. Abrams debunked this by confirming that her parents didn't appear in The Force Awakens. It'd be an almighty smokescreen if it turns out the hidden identity of Rey's parents was a plot device to allow her to be mentored by Luke, a way of enhancing their bond.

Darth Vader redeems himself in 'Return of the Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Darth Vader redeems himself in 'Return of the Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

A close relationship between the pair is vital to the story. There are rumors that Luke and Rey will take on the Knights of Ren together, and what better way for Luke to find redemption? The chain of events are similar to what Luke experienced with his father, and it's likely that he'll also try to persuade Kylo Ren to turn to the light side before it's too late — a feat he achieved with , eventually.

Rey Can Become A Jedi Master... With Luke's Help

While Luke is undoubtedly important, the impact of his tutelage of Rey is another key development in Star Wars 8. Johnson explained how the newcomer will blossom as events go on:

"Part of what’s she’s dealing with is the realization that she has this power and this gift. She’s taking her first step to coming to terms with this thing inside her that she never knew was there and is just starting to reveal its potential."

And there's no one better to help hone that power, and unlock Rey's potential, than Luke Skywalker. A man with unfinished business.

Do you think Luke will become a father figure for Rey in Star Wars 8?

(Source: Variety, USA Today)


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