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By now you might imagine that you've caught most of the Easter Eggs peppered throughout Netflix's Luke Cage, or at least been alerted to them by a more eagle-eyed nerd than yourself. But while some Easter Eggs are impossible to miss, others hide in plain sight — take this absolute banger of a pop culture reference from episode 10, for example.

While Misty Knight dives deep into the shared history of Carl Lucas and Willis Stryker, a.k.a. Luke and Diamondback, the story relegated to the far right column bears a surprising resemblance to the events of Back to The Future...


Squint and you'll see that the story is about "local inventor Martin Brown" being recognized for his amazing "Thrust Capacitator" (top marks for use of "thrust"), a device designed to make time travel possible.

The best part? "Brown went under fire in 1985 for including a teenaged boy in his experiments. Many onlookers thought that Brown perhaps had an inappropriate relationship with MacFly, a high school student from neighboring town Mill Valley." The clipping is from a later year than 1993 (that's the model year of the Chevrolet Corvette stolen by Luke) which means it took the doc a little while to get the recognition he deserved, but he got there eventually.

Maybe Back to the Future is officially part of the MCU now?

All credit for spotting this Back to the Future Easter Egg goes to Reddit user Leahcimwerf.

Check out the new trailer for Iron Fist below. It looks like yet another undeniable smash for Marvel and Netflix, and hits on March 17.

If you've spotted any other seriously well-planted Easter Eggs in Luke Cage, go ahead and nerd freely in the comments.


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