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Classic duos are always memorable. Batman and Robin, Redman and Method Man, Michael Irving and Emmitt Smith, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are examples of greatness that will be remembered throughout history. Over the course of the next year, Marvel is going to give us a duo that has been around in comics since the 70s; Luke "Power Man" Cage and Danny "Iron Fist" Rand. Luke Cage's Netflix series debuts Friday, September 30 and Iron Fist's Netflix debut is currently filming for a scheduled 2017 release.

As a fan of both characters, I am extremely excited that I will finally get to see one of the greatest duos in comic book history together on screen. And not just because they are a favorite of mine, but they bring something to the table that everyone will love.

Before They Were A Team

Before they were the street-level Heroes For Hire, Luke and Danny battled foes on a more fanasticl level. In fact, in Iron Fist Issue 1, Danny Rand fights Iron Man and later in the series takes on the X-Men. One of Wolverine's greatest enemies made his first appearance in an Iron Fist comic; Sabretooth battled Iron Fist in a very one sided fight in which he lost badly. Even after Sabretooth tried to get an advantage by blinding Iron Fist in a snow storm, it wasn't enough to stop Fist, who once trained blindfolded.

In an issue of Luke Cage: Hero For Hire, Luke fought one on Marvel's greatest villains — Doctor Doom — over a matter of two hundred dollars. Luke borrowed transportation from Reed Richards and traveled to Latveria to get money he was owed for a job. During the fight, Luke saved Dr. Doom from being killed by a robot uprising and Doom offered him a job. Luke declined saying, "Working for you is stone drag!"

Both heroes seemed to have had more involvement with the big name characters when they had their own solo series. But when they got together, they stayed closer to the street. They accepted contracts from every day people and were even under retainer with the police. Sure, they fought robots and D-list villains with powers, but theses were all people who affected the community. And defending the people is what Danny and Luke are all about. Not in space, Latveria, or fighting the X-Men. Down on the streets pounding the pavement — literally and figuratively.

The Chemistry

I'm sure Danny and Luke won't know each other immediately in the Netflix universe, but the two of them becoming friends is going to be one heck of a fun story to watch. Danny and Luke come from two completely different lifestyles. Danny is a billionaire who was raised in the mystical Kung-Fu city of K'un-Lun where he learned martial arts and trained for years.

Luke Cage is a poor Harlem kid raised on the streets and learned how to fight by getting into fights. They probably aren't going to get along at first, but I'm sure they will quickly find common ground and become the best friends comic book fans are used to seeing.

Butt-Kicking And Banter

Danny trying to get Luke to enjoy their fight.
Danny trying to get Luke to enjoy their fight.

I mean, who doesn't love a good fight scene in a TV show? With Luke Cage and Iron Fist, you not only get two guys using different fighting styles, you get the two of them cracking jokes while they beat down ninjas, thugs, goons, or random super powered people that get in their way.

Iron Fist's martial arts kicks and punches is a style that everyone enjoys. It's high flying and always looks cool. Now, when you add the bright lights of Danny Rand's Iron Fist powers and the destruction it can cause and now you not only have cool moves but great special effects. On top of that, you have Luke Cage's smash mouth punches, super strength and unbreakable skin. Luke is going to punch through walls, throw cars, and have all sorts of objects thrown and shot at him. It may not have the glamor that Danny's moves have, but there will be a lot of people moaning in pain when Luke lays his hands on them. The perfect combination of finesse and power.

Luke tries to act like he's above banter during fights. Danny, not so much. Danny isn't as funny as Spider-Man or Deadpool, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to be very entertaining. Danny's humor comes from being goofy. For example, the pic below when the Night Nurse asked Danny if he knew his name

Luke Cage tries and tries to be serious during fight, but it never works. What usually happens is someone will make Luke mad during a fight and he will curse when he said he wasn't going to curse, someone will set him on fire or push him off a building and Luke will end up coming back furious and he will go on a rant.

They aren't drop dead funny, but it is entertaining seeing Luke go off on a tirade about how he always keeps his cool and then see him throw a guy down the street for ruining his yellow shirt. Danny will make fun of Luke and the two will end up fighting and making jokes throughout the scene. It's absolutely amazing.

Two Friends From Different Backgrounds

Maybe the most important thing about Luke and Danny teaming up is what they represent. Two people from two completely different backgrounds who found each other and became best friends despite their differences.

If you look at the two of them on paper, there would be nothing that would bring the two of them together. But despite all of that, not only are they best friends, but Danny is the godfather to Luke and Jessica's daughter Danielle. They actually named their daughter after him. Even though these two are fictional characters, I think we can learn a lot from their relationship.

We live in a world where around every corner someone is telling us that people of different races, sex, creeds, and sexual orientations are too different to come together. There are even examples of modern segregation in schools. This separation means we don't learn from each other. Danny was raised in a mystical city and Luke was raised on the street. Danny learned a bit about how things really work when you're not in an office building with billions of dollars. Luke learned that not every rich white person is out to get him because of the color of his skin. Lessons that everyone of any color can learn.

Luke and Danny represent the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Two people of different races hand in hand. Heck, they even date interracially — Luke is married to Jessica Jones and Danny dated Misty Knight for a while. Luke Cage and Danny Rand are not only the heroes the world wants, but in a world that seems to become more segregated as time goes on, they may be the heroes we need.

What is your favorite Power Man and Iron Fist moment? Let me know in the comments below.


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