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Warning: The following contains no major plot SPOILERS for Marvel and Netflix's newly released Luke Cage, but does feature some mild references to a few recurring details from the show. Proceed with whatever level of caution suggests to you is wise.

So, Luke Cage. Marvel and Netflix's shiny new slice of superhero awesomeness is, as it turns out, just as good as we had all been hoping — and seems set to garner Netflix a whole lot of views and subscription continuations. What it isn't, though — in sharp contrast to its leading man — is unbreakable.

It Seems That 'Luke Cage' Just Broke Netflix

"Luke Cage"/Marvel Studios
"Luke Cage"/Marvel Studios

Or, rather, Netflix went down for a whopping-great two hours (practically a century in "waiting to watch a new show you're excited about time") this past Saturday, just a day after Mr. Cage and co. arrived on the streaming service. Of course, it's entirely possible that everyone was actually just finally getting around to watching The Imitation Game, but it seems more likely that the outage had something to do with a certain bulletproof bad-ass's recent arrival, and millions of people trying to simultaneously catch up on his adventures. Not least because the official Luke Cage Twitter account pretty much immediately issued a lighthearted mea culpa:

But the best part?

The Official Response To The Outage Got Progressively More Hilarious

"Luke Cage"/Marvel Studios
"Luke Cage"/Marvel Studios

With the eventual response from Netflix...

...being matched by a similarly toned response to the problem from the official Luke Cage account:

At which point, of course, the whole thing took a turn for the meme-ified...

...before showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker chimed in to tease everyone:

The last word, though, surely belongs to the gloriously in-character official Twitter account of Netflix's Jessica Jones, which made sure to point out that:

Because if there's one thing every situation needs, it's some bonus J. Jones snark.

The big question now? Are you finally all caught up with Luke Cage? If so, then you probably owe it to yourself to celebrate via the traditional method of mainlining Easter Eggs, Marvel-themed teases and, of course, this handy list of what to watch next.

Was Luke Cage really to blame for taking down Netflix? Let us know below!


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