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Or should I say, eight moments we won't WANT to see in the show.

In celebration of the release of the Luke Cage series on Netflix, I present to you a few of the more, uh...memorable moments from Luke Cage's comic book life. Some good, some bad, some that are just a little messed up!

First, watch the trailer:

And then realize just how far we've come since the '70s.

8. That's Funny...Ha Ha, Spidey

When Norman Osborne puts a small device into Luke's heart after his heart attack and subsequent surgery, the team gets The Wasp and Tiny Doctor Strange to fly into his nose to investigate, and possibly remove it. Spoiler's a bomb!

7. Snakes? Really?

Some punk tries to use snakes to kill a guy that can take a shooting and keep on scooting. Using snakes as whips and tying them up? PETA might have something to say about would most of the viewers.

6. Hey, Now...

You can bet he probably won't be using any lines like that. At least, we'd hope not. Early Luke Cage: Not woke to feminist and body image issues.

5. Can't Play That Card, Either

There'll probably be some race-related jokes in the show, but nothing too strange or distasteful.

4. B*tch Better Have My Money!

If we can't get Dr. Doom on the show, then please, please let Luke re-enact this panel with another enemy! Also, way to be, uh, real on the nose with that, Marvel.

3. Black Mariah's Manner Of Speaking

In the show, she'll look (and presumably act in accordance with) this:

But in the comics, she spoke like this, at least early on:

Oh man. That's...rough to read. This is what happens when you let a bunch of white dudes try to write black American slang at the height of the blaxploitation movement in the '70s.

2. Nope, Still Not Playing That Card

Steeplejack, making fun of the nose. Holy crap, man.

1. Punisher As A Guest Star...In Blackface

Punisher appearing in the Luke Cage series? AWESOME. Punisher appearing in blackface due to getting some work done by a guy who USED to be a plastic surgeon? Oh, wow.

I think it's safe to say the '70s and '80s were a different time, you guys.

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