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Luke Cage has debuted on Netflix today to glowing reviews, and rapturous responses from fans. Taking place in the same New York of vigilante Daredevil and sleuth Jessica Jones, Luke Cage sees the reluctant hero step in to save his neighbourhood from villain and nightclub owner Cottonmouth. Check out the trailer below:

The appearance of the Bulletproof Badass on the small screen is a cause to rejoice: from the representation of black superheroes during a year where race has been dissected in every detail, to yet another piece of The Defenders puzzle being filled in. Slowly but surely, we are seeing how the TV MCU fits together, with many arguing that it surpasses the films in terms of narrative complexity and adult themes.

To help you understand more about Power Man, we here at Movie Pilot have assembled 6 things you simply have to know.

1. Every Episode Is Named After A Gang Starr Song

Keeping in line with the series commitment to portraying the black experience authentically, every episode in Luke Cage is named after a song by The New York rap duo. Check out "Moment of Truth" below:

Ending with the couplet "No one is untouchable, no man is bulletproof/We all must meet our moment of truth" - this song perfectly fits Luke Cage's character.

2. His Best Friend Is Iron Fist

After Luke Cage, there is one more crusader to come out of New York's shadows before The Defenders team up: Iron Fist. But did you know Cage and Fist are best friends? They even teamed up together for the crossover comic Power Man and Iron Fist.

3. Him And Jessica Jones Got Freaky In The Comics

Warning: NSFW!

In the last season of Jessica Jones, we see her and Luke Cage getting it on. Yet, in the comics, in fact the very first issue of Jessica Jones, they do even more than in the series. Check out this panel below, leaving little to discuss about what really went on:

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4. He Also Dated Claire Temple

Played by Rosario Dawson, and spanning across all three Defenders series, Claire Temple is the nurse initially flabbergasted as to why Luke Cage apparently feels no pain and doesn't get hurt. It doesn't take long for them to shack up. Let's see if there is any romantic tension between them in this series.

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5. Luke Cage Was Very Nearly A Tarantino Movie

Why on God's earth was this not a thing? Having already mastered the art of pulp filmmaking with Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino was considering his own take on the Luke Cage comics. Yet he did end up making Pulp Fiction instead, so I guess it wasn't the worst result.

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6. Luke Cage And Amanda Waller Are Related!

Well not technically, but in real life, actor Mike Colter is Viola Davis' cousin. Come to think of it, the shared genes certainly goes to explain why both of them are so ruthless! Team up soon?


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