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That's right ladies and gentlemen, the second season of Marvel's Luke Cage is bringing back the character of Comanche — can you believe it! Oh, you don't remember Comanche? Well, to be fair, you're probably not the only one, but if you re-watch the flashback episode from Season 1, you'll get a refresher on who this guy is.

Marvel has released a photo of former NFL running back turned actor, Thomas Q. Jones, who looks like he has seen better days. While the context behind the photo is unclear, fans could assume from the messy and tired look compared to his prison pal, Shades, Comanche has not be doing well since being released from prison, looking almost homeless.

Comanche, along with Shades, was a key enforcer for Albert Rackham, the sadistic and corrupt prison guard who wanted to use as a fighter for an illegal fighting ring. While it appeared that Shades served his time in prison and was set free to serve with Diamondback and Cottonmouth, the fate of Comanche was left up in the air for the audiences' speculation. However, the second season seems to want to bring back this character and maybe utilize the character's comic origins.

In the comics, Comanche grew up in Harlem with Luke Cage and Willis Stryker and eventually grew up to be a professional archer, usually using a bow and arrow to commit his crimes. While it's unknown if the show will use the character's comic origins, it's probably safe to assume Comanche will ally himself with Shades and Mariah in an attempt to take over Harlem.

Comanche as he appears in the comics [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Comanche as he appears in the comics [Credit: Marvel Comics]

This casting news is coming off the buzz of Misty Knight's return to the series with her iconic bionic arm, showing that we could be seeing Luke Cage return to our screens sooner rather than later. Marvel and Netflix hope to release the second season of Luke Cage sometime in 2018. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for another trip to Harlem.

What do you think will be Comanche's role in Luke Cage Season 2?


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