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If you've seen the amazing Netflix Marvel series Luke Cage then you know that there are many things that make it awesome. It's unapolegetically black, it has amazing fight scenes and the characters are truly dynamic. One of the best unspoken things about the show, however, is how the women stole the series from Luke Cage himself!

Dynamic And Bold Women

Luke Cage at times came across as your average reluctant hero, but what made him unique was the women surrounding him. All of the women in Luke Cage's life are strong and bold enough to hold their own. None of them depend on a man to run anything. The men in their lives are important, but when things get tough, they are more than bold enough to go it alone.

Detective Misty Knight is never afraid to get to the bottom of things even when all the odds are stacked against her. Her character is often portrayed in male form, and it is nice to see a driven female detective beat the odds.

Claire Temple is smart and brave. She reminds you of the girl next door and she is just what Luke needs to remind him that he can make a huge difference in his neighborhood. Without Claire, it looks as if Luke would just give up on being a hero, but there is no way this fierce woman is going to allow that!

As evil as Mariah Dillard is, she goes through the biggest metamorphosis in the entire series. Mariah is a determined politician who depends on her criminal cousin to do the dirty work for her. Slowly but surely, she comes in to her own. Mariah ends up being one of the strongest characters in the entire show. (She may not be the most moral character, but she is certainly the strongest.)

The Women Are All So Different

The women not only stole the show from Luke Cage, but they did it in extremely unique ways. From his psychiatrist in prison to Misty Knight, all of the women in Luke Cage's life are unique and complex.

Reva Conners, Luke Cage's prison psychiatrist, for example, comes across as someone who genuinely cares for Luke. It's not until much later, however, that we learn there is a completely different side to Reva that we didn't see coming.

Mariah Dillard and Claire Temple are two completely different women in Luke Cage's life, pulling him in opposite directions. While Claire is a good-girl with brains who is determined help build Luke up, Mariah is a smart and ruthless villain determined to bring Luke to his knees.

It's not just the main women in Luke's life who stand out, however. The show is so well-written that every women in the series has a dynamic personality. Inspector Priscilla Ridley is an excellent example of this. It's not clear if Ridley will affect Luke's life directly, but she is sent to whip the Harlem police department into shape and that is exactly what she does. At first it seems as if she is a complete witch on wheels, but you soon go on to find out that she cares deeply about police integrity and her fellow police officers.

It's clear by the end of the series that Luke Cage would be nothing without the dynamic women that surround (and stole the show from) him!


What woman of 'Luke Cage' is your favorite?


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