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Beauty and the Beast is, arguably, one of 's most highly-anticipated films of the last few years. While we have had sneak peeks at Emma Watson singing as Belle, as well as Ariana Grande and John Legend's version of the titular song, we haven't actually heard the rest of the cast.

Finally, thanks to this interview with Good Morning America, we get to see and bring Gaston and Lefou to life, with a short clip of the song "Gaston." Skip to 2:43 if you want to go straight to the clip of the song.

While we aren't given much to go on (have to leave something for next month!) it is clear that the cast is having the time of their lives during this song. From Josh's wide smile and getting the taverngoers to join in, to Gaston's laissez faire attitude when speaking about how he is intimidating, all the way down to the bimbettes standing nearby to cheer Gaston on, it's a rowdy good time.

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It is a fun little clip, and reminds us why the scene, while being one for the villain, is a fun moment and one that we all know and love.

Beauty and the Beast arrives in theaters March 17.


Who are you most excited to see brought to life?


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