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Abi Toll

TVLine have informed us that True Blood‘s 'upcoming seventh and final season' will not include Luke Grimes who plays Jessica's 'vamp-camp lover' James.

An HBO spokesperson stated that:

The role of James is being recast due to the creative direction of the character.

Whilst it seems that doesn't wish to reveal his reasons for leaving, a source acquainted with the show informed TVLine:

That the actor asked to be let out of his contract after he learned what producers had in store for James in Season 7.

The insider elaborated that:

He initially joined the show because he wanted to work with [his Forever co-star] . But when he started reading the scripts for Season 7, he was disappointed to learn that they were going in a completely different direction with James.

So whilst we are still unsure as to what direction that is exactly, it must be something dramatic. What do you think the creators of True Blood have in store for James?

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