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Karly Rayner

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker might not have crossed paths in The Force Awakens but Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill got downright bromantic in an adorable new snap from the 2017 Star Wars Celebration.

Along with drawing collective "awwwws" from across the galaxy, also took the opportunity to let his internet savvy nature shine as he showed us all that he can meme just as well as the next whippersnapper.

If you've been living in the wilds of the Planet Jakku for many moons and are wondering what in the world Hamill is referencing, check out the supercut below that was first featured on Conan in 2013:

While a meme doesn't grow in a day, Hamill's efforts to get the Harrison Ford pointing ball rolling again are paying off and already generating some traction in the ever-devoted community.

See also:

Sadly, perhaps prompted by Carrie Fisher's tragic death last year, some people saw the fact that was trending as a potential tragedy as opposed to a celebration.

But enough of that paranoia, as long as Harrison keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground, I'm sure he will be just fine. Right, Harrison?

Name a more iconic movie bromance. I'll wait.


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