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Since 2010, Idris Elba has had us glued to our screens, playing the role of street-wise, sex-pot Luther in the BBC series of the same name. Elba gives us everything we want in a modern crime drama. Raw magnetism, a no nonsense approach to crime solving and real grittiness. Millions tune in to see Idris take to the mean streets of London and we wait with anticipation in those long, painful gaps between seasons.

Elba has gone from strength to strength as an actor, taking on roles in huge projects such as Beast of No Nation, Star Trek Beyond and Mandela, but now we feel he's ready to take the ultimate role. We look back at all the Idris's life and Luther moments that prove Idris Elba is the next James Bond.

1. The Name's Elba, Idris Elba

There is no denying Idris is sexy, he oozes charm thats flavored with a cool arrogance. Admittedly he's not Sean Connery sexy, but this is the twenty first century, that old school sex appeal doesn't float our boats anymore. We want our Bond, cool and slightly jaded.

Oh those eyes alone are enough to make your knees buckle. You don't know whether he's going to kiss you or kill you. The exact attitude 007 needs to have.

2. Live And Let Die

Luther is completely fearless and he uses his audacity to outsmart the villains, we need a Bond that when looking death in the face, spits at it, laughs and escapes. Watch this scene below to see how even when threatened being burnt alive Luther keeps his cool in order to get the job done.

The suspense was killing me and it's the third time I've watched it. That's exactly what we you want when watching Bond, heart stopping suspense and Idris has proven he delivers every time.

3. The Spy Who Loved Me

Luther's relationship with the psychotic Alice is never really defined. All we know is that she distracts him, causes him to slip up, but she also saves him many times. Luther is drawn to mysterious and dangerous women and although he was devoted to his wife, was intrigued by Alice.

That animal magnetism Luther has with the ladies is key to being Bond. Women should want to be ravaged by Bond, but also want to climb on top of a moving train to shoot the bad guys. Idris as Luther, does just that. He gets inside women's minds as well as their knickers.

You have to admit that's a hell of a lot more interesting than Pussy Galore falling all over Bond. 007 needs a woman with bite who can keep up and Idris is the man to give Bond the edge that women are after.

4. For Your Eyes Only

Luther will do whatever it takes to get the necessary information he needs, even if it means spying on his colleagues. Bond is just the same, a real trust no one but yourself attitude is the only way to stay alive:

He's also a dab hand at cracking passwords, something that will come in useful when stealing documents as Bond.

See also:

5. He Knocked 'The Living DayLights' Out Of Him

When it comes to getting DNA, Luther will stop at nothing, even if it means breaking the law himself. You're never sure which side of the law Bond is going to be on, which is exciting. Idris as Luther already has this down to a T:

We'd love to see Bond have a much more bad-ass vibe in the future, really bringing him into the modern age. Heck, if he can throw a punch like that, you know he'll stop the bad guys.

6. A Need For Speed

We all know James Bond like his cars like he likes his women, fast, sleek and with lots of toys. So we need a leading man who is adept at driving and looks mighty good doing it. Cue Idris Elba:

, you can take us for a ride anytime, Idris.

7. The Man, The Myth, The Tux

Luther may wander the streets of London looking beat up and run down, but Idris is far smoother than that. The tux is to James Bond as the cape is to Superman. The two go hand in hand and boy can Elba pull off a suit:

Felling proppa, looking fly. James Bond could be so cool he makes ice look warm.

8. Shaken Not Stirred

Luther has been known to hit the bottle when going through a rough spot and in an interview with Esquire, Idris has said his favorite drink is a simple cold beer. If (and hopefully when) he's cast as Bond, he'll have to change it up and get used to sipping down vodka martinis, shaken not stirred, naturally.

We love the idea of Idris as Bond, heading into a swanky bar and ordering the signature drink, the epitome of sexy.

9. Provisional License To Kill

Rumors are flying all over the place as to who will play the next Bond after Daniel Craig hands in his license. We're very much behind Idris, although it really doesn't seem like the odds are in his favor. Bond writers have said that Idris is too 'street' for the part and that he's not eloquent enough, to which we say booo. Elba, takes it in his stride though:

Fans seem to want to see Idris as Bond more than he wants it for himself, but we'd love Bond to take a different approach. Daniel Craig opened up a more emotionally scarred Bond, now let's explore the man further.


Is Idris Elba the perfect choice for 007?


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